There’s a quote about to drop from me in the next issue where I’m making fun of World Cup soccer. I feel stupid, because ever since the semi’s I’ve been all about it. I kind of wanted England to do better but once they sucked at the penalty kick game against Portugal I turned my allegiance towards Italy. Today was obviously sweet victory, but brought up some interesting questions:

– How do the players and refs communicate? Like in the Ghana v. Poland game with the Argentinian ref? And it seems like they’re talking to each other all the time.

– How sweet was that head butt to the chest by the French guy? That guy was French mafia, all the way.

— This is not really a question, more of an observation: Soccer is still kind of gay. All the drama queen crap that goes on when one player gets tackled, and all the kissing after the wins. Imagine if that happened in basketball. Oh wait, it does.