March 22nd, 2013 by alliance

Here’s a blast from the past that will never get old. Attention Deficit and Alliance Visual Experiences presents Pre Pop. This is just the intro to the film. Stay tuned next week for more.

13 Responses to “Pre Pop Intro – Flash Back Friday”

  1. dylan wittman Says:

    this makes me miss pull on fuel tv

  2. Josh Says:

    1. thomas will forever be unmatched in style
    2. its amazing how much wakeskating has progressed
    3. wakeboarding style has progressed for the worse

  3. dreamer Says:

    Danny hampson makes me just want to shred some carves on the skate!

  4. braden Says:

    i used to think the rails in shaun murray wakeboarding unleashed were a lil over the top. now i understand what they were modeled after

  5. sharktank Says:


    Please. There are 400 kids coming up every day with better style than this, never mind pros. Earl 2000s style was wack as hell compared to today.

  6. jason Says:

    thouse rails were pretty huge

  7. FLIP D$K Says:

    those rails are stupid and the tricks done on them suck. those guys would slay that curved box now and their boards wouldn’t blow apart. I do still love that LF Subjekt though I have a trashed one hanging on the wall in my bar.

  8. FLIP D$K Says:

    Still a sick video though, im digging through my old dvds to watch it now. Also watching old vids like this makes me feel like the wake on my boat is still HUGE lol

  9. Kyle Says:

    online vids have ruined wakeboarding videos, this is such a classic video…putting it in the DVD player now.
    The kids now are riding on wakes double the size and regardless of the size of their tricks the style isn’t better than these guys.

  10. Jojo Says:

    People who say that the actual style sucks compared to the style of the 2000s make me laugh so hard! Now (because of cable park) some 14 years old riders have a style 3x better than the style of actual boat pro riders .

  11. OTT Says:

    Take note kids! #Classic

  12. Brad Arnold Says:

    Style has changed, maybe for worse, maybe for better. Simply, it has changed. Same with wakeskating. I’m not sure many realize how tech those lip tricks were back then from Danny, Thomas, and Aaron. Far ahead of their time… Danny’s part is the reason I wakeskate.

  13. Reliable source Says:

    It is mind blowing to me that people even try and compare boat riding to cable. I mean just look at the physics of it, on a cable, no matter how high anyone has gone, they are still being pulled into the sky. On a boat, even an amateur can feel the pull back down to earth when they go wake to wake for the first time.

    It is like me telling you that i can do a double backflip while standing on the ground and you telling me that you can do a triple off of a rope swing and that it is way harder.

    I am in no way against cables, first off, i think they should all be lowered to 10 ft(unless it is a totally beginner first time cable), secondly, Cable and boat should never be compared.


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