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Join Rusty Malinoski as he trains for the 2013 Pro Wakeboard Tour.
Video from Fox Head

17 Responses to “Prepare to Perform with Rusty Malinoski”

  1. keithlant Says:

    this is identical to how austin pastura trains

  2. pat Says:

    did mr malinoski open up his own gym yet down there in FL??

  3. W3ST SID3 Says:

    Rusty doing what to many riders don’t… Training off the water

  4. Jeff Says:

    Dude is a BEAST!

  5. maker Says:

    Wakeboarding turning into UFC by the day…

  6. JP Says:

    Wakeboarding turning into a professional sport not full of clowns. Parks and Rusty are basically the same age. One has taken care of himself, the other hasn’t.

  7. keithlant Says:

    JP ya your right parks looks much better

  8. TheSpangler Says:

    He has gotta stay super fit to keep those back 5, back 1, roll to blind videos coming, geez people!

  9. pat Says:

    ^he closed the edit with an effortless 1080………….

  10. login Says:

    ^ pat… for the thousandth time… grabless

  11. Steven Says:

    ^ ya, there is so much time to grab the board and hold it during a wake-to-wake 1080 that it just looks silly without one, right? Such a ridiculous comment.

    Glad to see someone promoting the gym to help with your riding. My landings got so much better when I started training my legs with squats and deadlifts. Also having a strong back and abs help staying fluid and stable. I wish I had the time to balance the gym and riding these days because it makes such a huge difference.

  12. Bill Clifford Says:

    damn rusty trains nearly as hard as me !!!!!!

  13. login Says:

    Steven… It’s just kind of crazy that some of these pro riders can make a living by repeating the same trick over and over

  14. pat Says:

    id rather see rusty’s clean ass ten eighty than another pro touch his finger tips to the edge of their board and butt check the landing, login! RAH

  15. pat Says:

    AND its not like he gets paid for his video sections, every time you touch hyperlite merch, he gets sum, and now everytime you touch fox merch, he gon get sum..”login” your jealousy wreeks, so stanky

  16. Steven Says:

    All professional sports involve doing the same thing over and over. It’s just the best pros do it cooler and better than everyone else.

    It’s his job to make the sport look amazing to potential riders. That means doing what you can do best on film- not your newest trick you are still not solid and consistent with.

    Guy kills it. Very aggresive and stylish.

  17. rayfink Says:

    parks only had to do one 1080, ever


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