September 8th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate


Age: 22
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 185
Hometown: Nanaimo, BC. Now live in Orlando, FL
Home Lake: it’s a secret :)


Board: 56” Conspiracy
Bindings: Byerly Pro’s
Shorts: Anything that Oakley makes, I like wearing the stretchy ones, they have some this year that are called Verazontal, and another pair called Canvas. Check em out!
Vest: X-CEL pullover
Rope: Byerly 80 something feet
Shades: Oakley Dispatch. Clear, White, Matte or Glossy Black and always Polarized
Pull: MB 21 foot Tomcat, Winch, Ridiculous “Rathy” Model.


Boat Speed:     I don’t really know… probably somewhere between 23-25
Rope Length: not sure, Byerly sent me a rope without extensions, probably between 90-95 tho. I heard the longer the line the more bad ass wakeboarder you are.
Stance: I think my board has about a 24 inch stance.
Favorite trick: Air Raley off a kicker

5 Responses to “Pro Arsenals: Aaron Rathy”

  1. legit Says:

    psssht… 5’11’ my ass….

  2. adam silcio Says:

    hahahaha.. i know huh. i saw him at surf expo last year and he might be 5’8″

    ….Air Raley off a kicker? such a liar.

    rathy you’re a fool

  3. RideLikeAPirate Says:

    dont hate, u wish u were near as good as him

  4. It's True Says:

    Nobody cares.

  5. henshaw Says:

    dont hate, appreciate.


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