Age: 11/2/81
Height: 5ft 10in
Weight: 170 lbs
Hometown: Seguin, TX
Home Lake: Placid


Board: 142 vibe by CWB
Bindings: Medium Answers by CWB
Shorts: …lost boardshorts
Vest: Any CWB vest
Rope: PROLINE rope and handle
Shades: whatever feels good that day
Pull: Mastercraft, Texas Ski Ranch cable park, Reed’s winch
Wakesurfer: Razor by CWB
Music: KICKER audio


Boat Speed: I go with the flow
Rope Length: Depends on the boat, I just feel it out
Stance: centered and one in. (with the new low profile base plates you don’t need to ride all the way out. one in is perfect) I want to also add I have been riding with fins in the back only. You have to use the force when riding switch but I like the feel a lot. It’s fun. I ride it like that all the time now on boat and cable
Favorite trick: …..rabbit out of the hat trick.