June 4th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

They say the clothes make the man, so accordingly, the gear makes the wakeboarder right? Maybe not, but we’re going to ask the pros what they’re rocking anyway. First up: Shaun Murray.


Age: 34
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 150
Hometown: Orlando
Home Lake: Whippoorwill, so we say “I’m gonna ride the Whip.”


Board: Hyperlite Murray Nova 137 most days, some days 142
Bindings: Hyperlite Team Boot, working on a new Murray boot for mid season release
Shorts: Fox boardies
Vest: Jet Pilot Shaun Murray Full Metal Jacket
Rope: Accurate A Line, Murray Handle with V wrap
Shades: Fox
Pull: Nautique 230 “The Best!”


Boat Speed:24.7
Rope Length:80-82.5 depending on how I’m feeling
Stance: Close to all the way out on the strata track, slightly ducked and slightly tail heavy
Favorite trick: HS/BS 7 off the wake. Feels good when it’s clean.

Be sure to check out Shaun’s full interview in the July Issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine.

Slob 3. Photo: Cortese

3 Responses to “Pro Arsenals: Shaun Murray”

  1. Andrew 'Club' Ingram Says:

    one of my most favorite interviews i have ever read

  2. Charlie Says:

    Is that last photo available as a high-res image for my desktop at work? It’s an insane shot.

    Also, I have those same juggling clubs!

  3. brookegeery Says:

    I set up up as a download for ya. http://www.alliancewake.com/downloads/


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