March 12th, 2014 by Submitted

We know wakeboarding can be cold sometimes, but this crew in Latvia at Marupe Wake Park took cold to a whole new level. Enjoy the freeze!

Video from Skats no augšas

12 Responses to “Project Black Ice”

  1. Justin Harrelson Says:

    At first I was like, “Oh no, another iceberg video,” but that was super cool and done well.

  2. Andrew Masi Says:

    Justin I was saying the same thing to myself! very well done!

  3. Nice! Says:

    usually quite skeptical on ice edits… but have to agree with Andrew and Justin.
    good job guys, this is very creative!

  4. Turd Diddler Says:

    Thats dangerous, you could fall through the ice and die.

  5. boomsmack Says:

    that was a lot cooler than I thought

  6. Ben Says:

    Thought the cable looked a little slow at times, but definitely a pretty cool edit. Not sure I could have handled riding in that water/temperature. Nice yob guyzzz!

  7. saweet Says:

    that was sick! good job dudes!

  8. bokdoos Says:

    Apparently Latvians are hard as nails! That looked SO cold.
    Really great out of the box thinking and well executed vid.

  9. Andrew Fortenberry Says:

    That shit was serious! way too cold for me. Sick though

  10. Haters=jealousy Says:

    Ice ice baby…that shit cray

  11. Svets137 Says:

    Fearless and severe Russian riders! There isn’t such thing as too cold when you are that obsessed with winching as these guys:)

  12. Svets137 Says:

    Sorry, wrong edit to comment:)


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