May 3rd, 2011 by Patrick Wieland

And so it begins… Everything has been building to this point.

- Join the flex revolution at -

And so it begins… Everything has been building to this point.
– Join the flex revolution at –

23 Responses to “Prologue”

  1. t.r. Says:

    Flex is a characteristic of a wakeboard..its a feature. Stop calling wakeboards flex boards. Slingshot has been a big part of evolving the sport of wakeboarding. Watch out for Phalanx wakeboards now.. they are going to be setting the future trends.

  2. shane Says:

    if that doesnt make u want to ride… nothing will

  3. Josh Tranby Says:

    Watching this everytime before I ride! So sick! Great job riders and Patrick for filming and putting this out! Amazing!!

  4. jblow Says:

    slingshot is so hot right now!

  5. bp Says:

    shoulda waited a year to make the video. you finally got a team now. shoulda just been called mckee….?

  6. Reeder Says:

    Flex boards is a more appropriate name than a Hybrid? wtf is a Hybrid? give me a break.

    Way to go Pat, looks good! cant wait to see the rest of the footy from Texas and the rest of the team! wish i could have made it to the phillies!

  7. Nick Boville Says:

    SO SICK!!!! Can’t wait to see the rest of the team’s footy!!! Pat, you are definitely honing your skills into one of the best!!! Well done all around!!!

  8. shaunmoore Says:

    Great video! Riding, soundtrack, editing….very well done. Congrats.

  9. Brad Says:

    Two thumbs up!

  10. Cam D Says:

    Whats the song? jeff kills it soo hard!

  12. Jeff Mathis Says:

    yeah nate! killin it….the song is called send me a postcard by ladytron

  13. hmmm. Says:

    PW kills it behind the lens and the desk.
    thanks alliance/slingshot,

    slingshot kills it

  14. rknott Says:

    killer vid.

    but damn somebody send that beeyatch a postcard please…

  15. its a joke bruh bruh Says:

    dude watson joined slingshost!? 00:39 sec.

  16. its a joke bruh bruh Says:


  17. Canuck Says:

    That’s Lyman, not Watson.

  18. Joe Says:

    Phalanx setting future trends… Who’s even on the Phalanx team?

    Slingshot has made the right moves by pickin up guys like Mikey, Reeder, Oli and Lyman, big things to come!

  19. Cruiser Nichols Says:

    So Sick! Keep up the hard work. Vid is pretty illllll.

  20. really Says:

    Watch out for Phalanx??? Why, because they’ll make a wakeboard someday? Big props to Ricky G for putting his name on the line though. Respect.

  21. trendy eh? Says:

    phalanx stanx. looks like they copied Company and Company copied Slingshot. So no, phalanx does not set trends…Get with it!

    Sling for life!!

  22. Jake S Says:

    I could watch that tail poke to blind all day

  23. Just saying Says:

    Would have liked to see more of the wakerides like Oli and lyman. Video was still nice.


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