Ezera Surfboards and Props Wakesurfers shaper Dave Pearson has over 15 years of board building experience. His dedication, research, and development have made Ezera and Props one of the best surfboard/wakesurfers available. Dave spends most of his time in the shaping room working out new designs with his team riders. After everyone agrees that a board is magic, it is scanned into the memory banks of the computer, then the exact dimensions can be duplicated by the shaping machine at any time. Their CNC machine reproduces 4 magic boards per hour allowing Dave more time to shape and test cutting edge designs that will be the models of the future. After a board is shaped on the CNC machine, each board is finished by Dave's hand then it goes to their in-house glassing area. At Ezera/Props, the skilled builders only use the best materials to create boards that are both light and strong for a quality finished product. All boards are proudly made in the USA!


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