A year and a half ago the early rumblings of an Oakley wakeboarding and wakeskating movie had just begun. The daydreams of what this video could be (and how great the premiere party would be) were the kind of visions that pull you away from your daytime tasks for 15 minutes at a time. Oakley’s Wake & Snow Team and Marketing Manager, Matty Swanson, had just come off the very successful release of The Community Project, Oakley’s latest big snowboarding film. The Community project was Matty’s baby and had received global acclaim. His ability to deliver an incredible production, coupled with the prowess of the Oakley team could produce a film that would leave an indelible mark on the history of wakeboarding films. We couldn’t help wondering if this project received a green light, what would it look like, how would it feel? A month or so later the stakes were raised when Justin Stephens signed on to produce the film and it was officially a go. Seventeen months later on Saturday November 10th, we sat in the plush seats inside Oakley’s theater watching the premiere of Push Process for the first time (in high def). Many of our questions were answered in very clear terms, and one more question came to the surface. Once the video was tightened over the next few weeks, would it be even better? The premiere party of Push Process was as crazy as the video…maybe crazier. All of the Oakley athletes were there plus Shane Bonifay and his new best friend, Ryan Sheckler. The open bar was awesome and they topped that off with a DJ who was spinning all night. Oakley + wakeboarding video + drinks + music + girls = Push Process Premiere = Fun.