It has been nearly four months since the world premiere of the Push
Process held at Oakley HQ in southern California. Our athletes have been busy doing premierse and boat shows to promote the film.
MasterCraft, one of our title sponsors set out with all their dealers
across the country to put together some of the best video premieres yet. MasterCraft was very helpful throughout the
filming of the movie; they supplied us with X-Stars in every exotic
location that we traveled to. On November 10th, just in time for the
world premiere, they sent us our very own Push Process custom wrapped
X-Star. We parked it right out front to be the backdrop for all the
interviews in FUEL TV's show "Blue Carpet Special" that just
aired a few weeks ago.

When the weather started warming up we decided it was time to get
the boat back to Florida and do some shooting with it for our '08 ad campaign. That meant the boat had to travel from So-Cal to O-Town, which is where George Daniels and I come into the picture. It was road trip time.

Along the way we had numerous stops meeting people and promoting the film. Our first stop was in Phoenix Arizona, for the boat show. It was a big turnout. Pat Panakos came out a week early and built a rail for a demo put on by some of the top wake athletes. Shaun Murray, Tino Santori, Jeff McKee, George, Shawn Watson, and Aaron Reed to
name a few. The demo went really good and brought some great
entertainment to the boat show. We were there all weekend and then hit the road Sunday night and headed for Texas.

Our first stop in the Lone Star State was Dallas where we met up with Clint Tompkins. The plan was to session some winch spots that Clint set up to get some footage, but there was a big cold front coming through and the weather held us back for a few days. So we decided to head south and go ride at Texas Ski Ranch. If you haven't been there yet, I highly recommend it. The place is fully set up with a skate park, ping-pong, a dirt bike track and of course, the cable and boat lake. We rode there for a few days and hung out with the local kids that were competing in the grassroots event called Freeze Ride. The event had a big turnout, and the level of riding in Texas is definitely stepping up.

From there we raced to Texas Optometric Convention, where we met up
with the local Texas Oakley reps. After finishing up there we headed to
Houston to meet up with the MasterCraft dealer in town and ride in the pits of Supercross. The weather was cold, but the rail set up was really fun and the crowd was excited to see wakeboarding in the mix with Supercross. After finishing up there MasterCraft gave us tickets to the race and we watched Kevin Windham take the main event.

After being on the road for nearly a week and a half it was time to
get back to the warmer and more wakeboarding friendly climate of Orlando. We made it as far as Louisiana and had some car troubles, but fortunately for us we happened to break down in Baton Rouge where our friend Chip Smith, the owner of Rukus Board Shop lives. We spent the afternoon with him and hit up his local spot where he had some rails set up. The weather was cold again but it was a good time.

We then finished up the cross-country trek and made it into Orlando safely with no problems. George said, "It was on of the best road trips I've been on yet: wakeskating, chasing women and living the good life."

Big thanks to all of our sponsors from the Push Process film:
Alliance, MasterCraft, and CWB. We would also like to thank everyone
along the way who help make this trip possible.

For more information on Oakley wakeskating and to purchase the Push Process DVD check out and