July 19th, 2013 by Submitted

Ukraine born and now Atlanta, GA resident, Edgar Perez lays down a quick 6 tricks at his winch spot. Enjoy!
Video from jacob snowden

18 Responses to “Quick 6 with Edgar Perez”

  1. AB Says:

    yeah Edgar!

  2. Gabe Crawford Says:

    North Georgia Shredders

  3. Aye Says:

    thats my ninja way to go Edgar! see you next week!

  4. Andrew Masi Says:

    Whitest Boy Alive is always a good choice. Sick Riding!

  5. JJ Says:


  6. Chris Says:


  7. The Inspector Says:

    I don’t know what is worse, a “quick six” compiled of all slow mo clips or the fact Alliance Kooks blatantly jacked Quick Six from The Wakeskate Mag?

  8. Bob Says:


  9. Add Says:

    Edgar rips !!! Alliance is running a little late in the game. Wakeskate Mag beat you guys to this concept.

  10. Ryan Says:

    hell yea edgar!!!!!

  11. hmm Says:

    umm. why isn’t this a quick six on WSM?

  12. Coverup Says:

    Yeah Stop with this shit.

    Give someone a day , a camera, a full tank of gas, and put out an old fashioned 3 min edit.

    Id rather watch some amateur hour video of some kid learning his first shuv than you guys regurgitating something you saw WSM do.

    Edgar should have had a full 3 min vid to one song. Not a quick6. Luckily WSM is small enough to not slap you guys with a C&A.

    Jesus christ this is sad.

    Stick to what worked. People just want to watch the riding. Don’t copy the editing format. Don’t copy the name. Don’t go overboard with it. Find a song , put some riding in there. Post it.

  13. WakeSK8ing Says:

    Alliance didn’t make this video, you idiots. They just posted it. Click the youtube link. Not Alliances’ video. Stop your crying.

  14. seriously? Says:

    seriously? ®

  15. Wake Says:

    Shrededgar!! .. Sick noseblunt bro!

  16. David Says:

    F*ck yeah Edgar! iWinch !

  17. Bobby Says:

    who gives on who did what first? How bout spreading the stoke of wakeskating…. Way to go Edgar…

    the more vids the better…

    bunch of cry babies

  18. Jacob Snowden Says:

    Sorry for all the trouble.

    Edgar came to me with an idea for 10 tricks, We ran out of time and cut it to 6. I thought about titling it “six shooter”, but ultimately landed on Quick 6. Did not realize this had already been done. If I still had the original files I would go rename it.

    Keep riding,


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