August 26th, 2014 by Submitted

John has been in Texas all summer. After the Wake Park Triple Crown stop at Terminus, John and Justin Worrall shot a few clips then drove back to Orlando, stopping by Hexagon on the way home.


4 Responses to “Quick Stop with John Dreiling”

  1. Courtney Angus Says:

    Killing it!!!

  2. Alliance FTW Says:

    decent edit, but didnt know hexagon was between terminus and Orlando… Or maybe it was because this kid drove up to jibtopia on the way home and filmed an Insanely technical edit (on doing everything switch and regular on the most LEGIT rails, but maybe i’m just tired of seeing the same tricks on the same WIDE unit rails…

  3. C4 Belts Says:

    Loving the Yellow C4 Belt that John is rocking!

  4. The truth Says:

    Kid looks like a fairy boy


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