So Quicksilver hasn’t been doing the wake thing for that long and this was their first wake trip, I just found that out while Myself, Charles, Staker and Brett (Josh Letchworth’s brother-in-law and photo apprentice) got the chance to join them on their five day Midwest trip. The wake team is small, but very powerful. The team is: Ben Greenwood, Colin Harrington, Jeff House and Jacob Valdez. So we were asked by Quicksilver to tag along and film for our Fuel Show “Pull” and to do a write up for an upcoming Alliance issue. I would love to share everything with you, but then that would ruin my story – I’ll tell you what we saw: The Chicago Skyline, a man beating a pay phone up, Wisconsin and a river. Enjoy the photos and get your eyes ready for the story and the upcoming Pull episode – the video footage is sick as Hell.