December 26th, 2012 by Submitted

Quinn Silvernale killing it at Valdosta Wake Compound in Valdosta,GA.

Video by Quint Noble

27 Responses to “Quinn Silvernale at Valdosta Wake Compound”

  1. Kaesen Suyderhoud Says:

    Yeahhhh! So sick Quinn! Missing it out there.

  2. skater Says:

    was the plane crash suppose to be a reference to Nick Taylor’s quote in Aquafrolics??

  3. Reeder/Trevor Says:

    that kicker looks familiar????/

  4. Chris Hopf Says:

    Sick Quinnster!! Ripping it!! Park looks soo fun!!!

  5. cmoore Says:

    Doin it how its supposed to be done.

  6. zeezer Says:

    sick riding quinn!!! killer edit quint!!! keep it rip rip rippin’

  7. blondie Says:

    pow!!! that was awesome

  8. DMX Says:

    Damn boys i need to visit Valdosta Wake Compound

  9. Will Harrison Says:

    STZ crew throwing down like always. well done Quinn!

  10. Steven Says:

    Sick video- I’ve seen this guy ride out at McCormick’s awhile back. Guy kills it.

  11. Stephanie Graves Says:

    Sick Quinn!!! Looking good!

  13. 70s Big Says:

    Quinn breaks hearts and boards on the daily!!!

  14. Rob Dyrdek Says:

    I wanna quit skateboarding and start riding wakeboards like Quinn!

  15. Sickkk Says:

    Them dosta boys go big, always a good show!

  16. Slingshot Rep Says:

    If there was a mountain you’d be at the top Silvernale!

  17. Fish Says:

    Stop shredding so hard killer, your scarring us!

  18. Toilet Says:

    Quinn goes thru boards like toilet paper

  19. TRu Says:

    True style never gets old, awesome edit Quint, nice riding Quinn!

  20. Big Fish Says:


  21. People of Eastman Says:

    Dang Diddy!!!

  22. Jeff Mathis Says:

    ^^^^^ hahahahah yes!! killin’ it buddy.

  23. Atlanta connection Says:

    Awesome riding and video! Can’t wait to check this park out

  24. eric lassiter Says:

    loves it!

  25. born to be wild Says:

    this video rocks!

  26. p_nugz Says:

    that shredding deserves a frosty nugget

  27. Chynna Wilson Says:

    Quinn- you so fine you blow my mind! ;)


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