So there I was lying on my couch, looking outside to what was yet another rainy, windy day in Orlando. I was about to fall asleep due to the total boredom that had overcome me, when I received a phone call from my buddy Kyle Hyams. He was wondering if I could take him and his friends to this local winch spot near my house. Never being one to pass up an opportunity to go winching, I of course said yes. Next thing I knew Kyle was knocking on my door and I was shaking hands with Ross Gardner and James Balzer, both stoked on the opportunity to hit a new spot. After driving around in circles for a minute (because I couldn’t remember exactly where the turn off was) we arrived at the spot and Ross, Kyle, and Balzer wasted no time hitting the incline. They were busting front boards and johnny macs out, having more fun than a kid who just landed their first shuv. Not too long there after George Daniels and Danny Hampson barreled down the dirt path, in GD’s huge truck, followed by Justin Stephens. George was having so much fun mudding that I think he forgot why he was there in the first place. After he was done playing with his truck, George hopped on his skate and busted a 2-7 shuv off first hit. Then, not too many tries later, stomped a kickflip out. Next was Danny Hampson, and after taking a couple falls to wake himself up, he almost landed a ……… Well I guess you’ll just have to wait till Push Process and see.

Even though the rainy, overcast conditions made for less than stellar photos, Danny Hampson and Justin Stephens let me use their car as a water housing so I was at least able to take some shots. In the end I’d say everyone had a great time just swimming in the clear, non-amoeba filled water.