February 25th, 2011 by alliance
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Randall Harris and photographer Spencer Smith head south of the border for a little wakeboarding at Mexico Nationals. Randall puts on a show for the crowd in Vandall Style behind the new Axis Vandall Edition boat. Follow the guys around Mexico…

Shot by: Spencer Smith

Randall Harris and photographer Spencer Smith head south of the border for a little wakeboarding at Mexico Nationals. Randall puts on a show for the crowd in Vandall Style behind the new Axis Vandall Edition boat. Follow the guys around Mexico…
Shot by: Spencer Smith

36 Responses to “Randall Harris Hits Mexico”

  1. Trevor Says:

    Never enough coverage of The Vandall. Can’t wait to see more.

  2. NObuddy Says:


  3. Luke Says:

    theres never enough coverage of randal because he’s not the image wakeboarding needs. everyone thinks we’re a tone of pot smoking punks and ass holes, and he realy doesnt help that. people like jeff mckee or fricken bob soven get the spot light because there good and they dont make wake boarding something looked down on

  4. gh Says:

    i love randall, he’s a stand up cat and represents the shred right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LukeISanIdiot Says:

    Yeah, cuz non of the dudes you mentioned have EVER smoked weed… Who are you to say what an entire sport needs??? You’re one of the many reasons why the sport needs Randall. Really??? EVERYONE thinks we’re a bunch of pot smoking ass-holes??? You have no friends Luke, your time is better spent smashing your wiener in your computer.

  6. Sullen Art Says:

    Just because Randall is a tattoo collector and a fan of hip Hop doesnt make him a pot smoking punk. You sound like Farva from Super Troopers. Dont stereotype. He is a stand up dude

  7. chad Says:

    As a 40 year old wakeboarder. I like that he brings something new to the sport. I dont have a single tattoo, but like his. Good job Randall, keep on freeriding.

  8. good vibes Says:

    randall’s swagger is ill! chyea son! ughhhh!! Goin to mexico right now is just about as gangster as it gets! That demo was steezed out!

  9. G Says:

    Flip off luke

  10. MrJackedFla Says:

    Randall Represents the Entire Sport of Wakeboarding in the most positive way possible…Quit being a Hater and Check yourself Fool !!Vandall is King !!

  11. Hunter Musgrove Says:

    randall = the reason i ride. real inspiration right there. id do anything to meet him

  12. English Says:

    Luke: Randall is straight edge. Doesn’t smoke or Drink.

  13. luke.is.right Says:

    sorry but its just my opinion, i respect his riding but not who he is as a person. he was a pioneer for wakeboarding but he still makes us look like idiots

  14. the other luke Says:

    go suck one first luke! randall is ballin 24/7 and represents almost better than anyone

  15. blake Says:

    jesus h christ, STFU about it already. No one cares about what you think or how you feel.

    “he still makes us look like idiots”

    You look like an idiot right now. You are not included in anything “we” do and no one wants you to be.

    The Wakeboard Community

  16. MrJackedFla Says:

    The Vandall is a Sober Rider & possibly one of the Coolest Cats ive ever had the pleasure of being friends with!! He IS what the Sport of Wakeboarding needs more of !! The Vista’s in SW Florida Holla’s at Cha Randall !! And Hes a Sick ASS Skateboarder too!! WSR 4 life !! Keep up the Hard Work & Dedication My Dude!!-Biggie ” The Vista’s” Smalls

  17. Trevor Behler Says:

    Randall understands more than anybody what wakeboarding is about. He is passionate, welcoming and committed to the advancement of the sport. Wakeboarding has been plagued by riders who care more about themselves and keeping their sponsors happy than actually riding to their fullest potential. I had the pleasure of watching Randall ride from the boat this past summer in Michigan and it was a dream come true. He landed everything you could imagine with such ease and style. He did a tail grab off the D-up that was higher than anything I have ever seen in wakeboarding in my 15+ years of diligently fallowing the sport. He rode switch as if it was effortless and mixed a variety of timeless wakeboarding moves all complemented solid proper grabs. His flawless wrapped spins made me think I was watching snowboarding on water. The coolest thing about day was that he said it was his pleasure to ride with us. He even told me that I might have gone higher than him on a nose grab off the double-up that he drove for me. It was the biggest compliment I have ever received in my life. It may or may not be true, but we all know wakeboarding is not a contest. Randall was interested in meeting all of us, just as much we were interested in meeting him. He even pulled a friend of mine who showed up late through a rainstorm with a smile on his face, laughing the whole time playing an eclectic mix of classic tunes from The Doors to Pink Floyd to Simon and Garfunkle. He is a true disciple and a blessing to the wakeboarding community. Thanks again, Randall

  18. rightsaidfred Says:

    Anyone who purposely talks with a speech impediment, rides in baggy cotton shirts, chino shorts and a belt, and trys that hard to put on an image of something they are not, is a douche.
    wakeboarding is not gangsta. Going to a marina with your 60,000$ boat is not hood.

  19. Trevor Behler Says:

    There’s something gangster about wakeboarding.

  20. lewis Says:

    You people who have a skewed view of Randall’s image need to watch Transgression. When has Randall ever said he was trying to be “hood”? what is your definition of “hood”? Do you want all wakeboarders to look and dress the same? Should every wakeboarder ride the same?

    awesome riding by the way, i really enjoyed this vid

  21. Jeffrey Mile Says:

    Man Luke and rightsaidfred are doing alot of juding without even knowing randall or meeting him for that matter. First off he’s not trying to be hood, he just simply enjoy’s hip hop and its culture, when have you ever heard randall condoning any type of hood shit? its called style asshole…and Luke how is a bad influence? randall is a church going dude and doesn’t smoke or drink anymore, plus he came back from long layoff from wakeboarding with a renewed passion that alot of wakeboarders wish they had. Ive personally met him and rode/chilled with him for a weekend, and he was a really nice dude who just loved wakeboarding for the purest of reasons. no attitude or bullshit, so get your facts straight man. if its your tats that bother him, then grow up dude, this isnt the 1960’s…

  22. Mrjackedfla Says:

    you dudes are lame … u have no clue what the hell you are talking about …Randalls a great guy and how he dresses,or the music he listens to, has nothing to with how he rides or how he represents the Sport for ALL riders .its just like racism for u fags , its just on the water .. dont judge a man by his cover ..we are all our own people … grow up chumps…Fuckin haters ..

  23. kaesen suyderhoud Says:

    I heard he scared off all the Mexican cartels with that demo he did! Randall is so dope… period.

  24. Justin Jenkins Says:

    I heard the rollers from his boat completely cleaned up the gulf coast.

  25. the other luke Says:

    how bout we stop getting pissed about this. i like randall some people dont, but i think we can all agree he is a great rider, and all of us ride. thats all that matters. not how he dresses or the style he portrays.

    trevor… right on man

    does any one remember “THE LIST 2010″ (the issue had andy P on the cover) ? the had some thing about “wakeskate hate” were wakeskaters put up comments on videos talking crap from the fake names, this is no different. and me being a wakeskater was offended by the thought that some one would do that.

    as for the rest of you, if you want to comment on any videos just watch your mouth and dont say any thing disrespectful or slam on any one else.

    so before you hit submit comment next time, just remember that we visit this site everyday and long for the next issue every month because we all ride… dont be a “wakeist-racist”

  26. LukeISanIdiot Says:

    Apparently Luke has invited rightsaidfred to help smash his wiener in his computer…and is doing a perfect job.

    There was a sport that existed a long time ago made up of a bunch of clones…they called it waterskiing.

  27. matt from canada eh Says:

    steezy. randall ftw

  28. the other luke Says:

    ok lukesanidiot, do you not understand what im saying? stop slamming on any one that makes a comment! alliance is prolly pissed about this. just dont say rude crap on hear any more… and i think the origanil luke and rightsaidfred get your guys points. just dont be haters

  29. Rodrigo Says:

    Nice Job Randell and Spence! Stoked to see your doing well my freinds, I was just running through your facebook and saw this link . I like it!!!! Keep up all the good work boys, until we meet again.

    Rodrigo Donoso

  30. JEFF SPICOLI Says:

    YOU guys are Fags! Randall is totally awesome…all he needs are some tasty wakes, cool boats and hes fine

    alright harris!!

  31. ReadyAimFire Says:

    It’s not an “image”, It’s who he is. He happens to come from southern california just like me. The way he dresses and speaks are all a product of the area. Just like every wakeskater from texas grows a lame peach fuzz mustache and refuses to shower. Respect should be given to a true O.G. of the sport.

  32. LukeISanIdiot Says:

    Hey – the other luke…my position is not of hate (well kinda). The two wiener smashers positioned themselves as speakers for the wake community, of which they are not. Certainly not for me and nor apparently the majority of the people above. That makes the two wiener smashers ill ligament and connoisseurs of retard sandwiches. I didn’t slam on everyone making a comment, only the obvious dumb-asses.


  34. MTF Says:

    Randall is insane as a rider and an all around person! not only does he shred but he is one of the nicest guys out there. So stop haten!

  35. MrJackedFla Says:

    Vandall’s a PIMP by BLOOD, Not RE-LAT-ION !! VISTA’S BABY !! Yeuh!!

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