April 15th, 2012 by Submitted

VaVa Voommmmmm Randall Harris

Video by Trever Maur

VaVa Voommmmmm Randall Harris
Video by Trever Maur

19 Responses to “Randall Harris VaVa Voom”

  1. john Says:

    “i’m just tryin to stunt”

  2. what Says:

    F@#%@#K yeah Randall ! Thats wakeboarding right there

  3. Flax Says:

    Thats so sick. Randall is dope!

  5. Tj allen Says:

    Yea dude super sicknasty

  6. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    watched that first method like 12 times

  7. skeeter Says:

    when did street clothes and wakeboarding mix?

  8. rightsaidfred Says:

    ^^^ when you become so irrelevant you do anything to be noticed

  9. MWP Says:

    Switch toeside, frontside 270 method, that is

  10. mwp Says:

    my bad, its a switch toeside frontside 360 method.

  11. Positivity Says:

    Doesn’t look irrelevant to me! Judgements aside, Randall is still one of the best riders out there. He has been noticed and relevant for years because of his riding, NOT because of his clothing choice. Everyone should be able to wear whatever they want because wakeboarding is a non-uniform activity. Let’s not forget that Randall rides a 90ft rope at 29mph. Keep going big, Randall!

  12. Robb Says:

    What board is the Vandall riding these days?

  13. Positivity Says:


  14. Hunter Musgrove Says:

    mutiny board! bamboo vandall shape

  15. Eric Schmidt Says:

    Bassnectar and Vandall weird mix

  16. Nick Korum Says:

    Alliance doing Brenden Leib dirty.

  17. grouch Says:

    Heck yeah…Mutiny Freeboards represent!!!

    I believe its the same shape as Company Wake deck.

  18. Props Says:

    So dope as always….my inspiration for years! Those that dont know need to do some serious research. Been down since the beginning, hands down to the dude that sticks to his guns…nobody represents better.

  19. RXMartini920 Says:

    IMO Randall has done more for Wakeboarding’s image than anyone. (right up there with SB and the people behind Alliance) I have been away from the core of the sport for a few years now, but when I look at what is happing today, he is still the most legit rider representing the sport. Style for miles, yo! Reading someone say he is irrelant brings me back to memories of Dean Levelle lovers and his syringe spins back in the late 90’s. Maybe Randall stole “right said fred’s” girl? People just dont get it…Long live the Vandall! WSR


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