July 11th, 2011 by Patrick Wieland
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Get down with Keith Lidberg.

Get down with Keith Lidberg.

8 Responses to “Random Encounters: Keith Lidberg”

  1. GH Says:

    love that sound..

  2. paul Says:

    yeah bra steez

  3. Awake Says:

    awesome style

  4. WOW Says:

    lidberg rides with fins on… are we in 1995?

  6. Keith Lidberg Says:

    Yea Henny was giving me shit about the fins that day so a week later I started riding finless. Not going to lie, kind of wish I would have started last year, it’s sooo much better! Thanks PW for getting this up brA

  7. Jeff Mathis Says:

    haha finless on rails is where it’s at!! how long is that box? it looks like soooo good.

  8. Riley Says:

    The vid was short and sweet, just like keith…


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