October 21st, 2013 by Alliancewake.com Spencer Norris

Raph Derome takes a few laps around KC Watersports during the Liquid Force Relentless Weekend for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

14 Responses to “Raph at KC Watersports”

  1. swankfuck Says:

    water dylan

  2. JojO Says:

    Raph is really technical, but his style is so awful !!!

    Can’t understand that he’s considered as the best rail rider by a lot of people when you see Felix georgii or dominik hernler …

  3. Martin Says:

    JojO – dominik and georgii are both really good. But Raph is from another galaxy.

    Please do not post something like this ever again. style is abstract but saying Raph shows you know very little about wakeboarding

  4. Kyle Says:

    holy shit he’s good, or maybe god, not sure

  5. craig mcmorris Says:

    HOLY SHIT!! That opening shot doe #worldslargestzeach #zeachurfaceoffcunt

  6. Jojo Says:

    Of course raph is amazing on a board, but his style is shitty, and when we talk about jibbing, style is as important as the tricks you can do on a rail, that’s why I clearly don’t undersand all his title of RROTY when americans almost don’t talk about Hernler, Nico …

  7. Lee-roy Says:

    Whats wrong with his style? Isn’t style subjective? You may not like it but there are thousands of others who think Raph is a boss.

  8. Jojo Says:

    Yeo, style is pretty subjective, i am just surprised that a lot of people like it cause i find it just horrible, but again that’s subjective

  9. Justin H. Says:

    You never know. This could have been shot in a few laps. Even the best need some time to get dialed-in on a line. Also, IMO, Zeaching/the absence of zeaching is more up to the editor than the rider. Everyone is off-angle sometimes. Most editors cut those out nowadays.

  10. bluegrass wake Says:

    I liked the edit because the hits off the kicker were pretty intermediate- nose poke 3, one mobe, and a terrible tic-toc toe back 5 that he spun halfway up the kicker but its still nice to see a longer grab on a 3 than some fingers brush the board on a 9. the rail hits were good and that one hand on the handle coming into the rail makes it look very street.

  11. Wayne Gretzky99 Says:

    Don’t Raph and Dom H. have very similar style? Almost same posture on board, knees bend to outside, deep squated landings, long legs and short upper body… If silhouettes, would be hard to tell apart.

  12. Ian Smith Says:

    backlip on the flat bar was perfect! but i would go ahead and wrap up that toe back 7.. grab it mute or something and it’d be sick! always fun watching this guy ride

  13. colby m Says:

    Wow what a great looking cable park. Everyone should go there! Oh, and yeah Raph is really really good.

  14. Marc Poirier Says:

    Best style ever! Sickest line too. Next year, everybody will copy him. Oh yeah, and did I mentioned BEST STYLE EVER!


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