August 24th, 2011 by alliance

Raph Derome takes it higher…

Video By: Jonathan Ferguson

Raph Derome takes it higher…
Video By: Jonathan Ferguson

37 Responses to “Raph Derome New Levels”

  1. Bret Nowell Says:


  3. Patrick Wieland Says:


  4. Riley B Says:

    Sick little That’s it that’s allish bonk at the end

  5. phil good Says:

    Astonishing edit ! Concrats

  6. cody Says:

    wat camera? sick creative railsss

  7. adam silcio Says:

    i have not watched this yet but i am already going to say its awesome! cause its raph derome!

  9. Corey Marotta Says:

    Public Service Announcement

    All other “pros” need to pay attention…

  10. dylan R Says:

    hes wayyy too good

  11. kaesen suyderhoud Says:

    that looks way too much fun! yeah raph!

  12. hmmm. Says:

    its too bad wake has sold its soul to web videos, this would have made an amazing video part..

  13. Boobs Says:

    Jonathan Ferguson needs pwielands job.

  14. Jordy Says:

    DURTY! This Video is truly NEXT LEVEL! Raph is a BEAST!

  16. Kevin henshaw Says:

    Ralph how do you come up with this Shit. Hands down dopest dope I ever seen. Glad to see you didn’t miss a beet jouring that injury. See you in Florida bru.

  17. Adam Fields Says:

    WOW!!! That’s nuts!

  18. Matthew Sexton Says:

    Thats some inspiring shit right there, respect!

  19. Adam Burwell Says:

    Hell yeah Raph! Hell yeah Jo!

  20. Dave Apple Says:

    everything about this video is primo from raphs next level riding to the qotsa track.

  21. hmmm. Says:

    ^ “Kevin” snowboarding..

  22. Philipp Kunte Says:

    Ok so you need guts to do a 360 transfer. But than to do it OVER a fence, land on a PIPE in at TAILPRESS ist just epic.

  23. Alija Bos Says:

    So fucking sick.

  24. poop Says:

    such fucking carnage. dope

  25. Ben Wilcox Says:

    There’s almost nothing left to say. Unreal riding, cool little variations on the obstacles, and the 2012 FLX (?) is looking real spiffy. Raph Derome rocks my socks.

  26. notwackboarding Says:


  27. Michael Case Says:

    100% rail riding porn. Fuckin mind blowing Raph.

  28. rob Says:

    So sickk, this is what rail riding should really look like

  30. strapper Says:

    i feel so bad for all wakeboarders after seeing this, u guys gotta top this :S:S:S:S:S:S:S::S:S:S:S:S:S:S

  31. Jordy Says:


  32. KOOL&THEGANG Says:

    I love shredtown and what they have done for wakeboarding

  33. D Na$ty Says:

    Is this real life?

  34. Bob Soven Says:

    This was CGI right? Raph + Ferguson= Kobe and Shaq, Sonny and Cher, pizza and cheese. Legendary!

  35. WOW Says:


  36. ODS Says:

    I’m glad they but Raphs name on this board finally! Such an innovative rail rider,… Inspiring

  37. Devils Advocate Says:

    This makes me feel good about wakeboarding again. Thank you so much.


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