August 22nd, 2010 by Patrick Wieland

Video By: Still Not Famous Crew

There has been talk that Raph Derome might be the best rail rider in the world. I have seen a lot of crazy rail riding and I think for sure that Raph is ONE of the best. Raph has had an amazing year winning both Wake The Line and FISE. This little video is just a small glimpse into the rail madness that is Raph Derome.

**** The title is a question, Watch the video and you decide!*****

Video By: Still Not Famous Crew
There has been talk that Raph Derome might be the best rail rider in the world. I have seen a lot of crazy rail riding and I think for sure that Raph is ONE of the best. Raph has had an amazing year winning both Wake The Line and FISE. […]

41 Responses to “Raph Derome,The Best Rail Rider In The World?”

  1. Tracy Baynham Says:

    he desecrated that rail. mmmm

  2. jmoney Says:

    no. marc is yo

  3. jmoney Says:

    guess what. look at the board hes ridin. kevin henshaw brooo

  4. Tyler Blackmon Says:

    Marc / Nate Perry / Raph… anyone who puts time in studying at the Projects… they all bring something respectable

  5. waterboard fan Says:

    that was awesome

  6. again Says:

    how can you go and claim that? everytime.

  7. tibuzz Says:

    hands down the best rail rider in the world, no one can do those tricks but him, marc and nate are good but not close to raph. he deserves rail rider of the year fo sho

  8. Tweak Says:

    “Here s another proof that Raf Derome is light years ahead of everybody(as far as rail riding) so enjoy and learn from this.”

    … Claim much?
    This vid is sick and the guy rides really nice and smooth but,
    1. It is totally wrecked by the massive claim. and,
    2. There isn’t 1 single rail in that whole vid, those are manual pads, otherwise know as sliders…

    The best “rail” riding I have seen on video has come out of some of the shred town edits.

  9. Turd Burglur Says:

    Hey Tweak, Please view “Winching With Sugga” for Raph shredding a true hand rail.

    And please revise your comment.


    Turd Burglar

  10. yeshh! Says:

    ralph jibs like he was on a snowboard, thats why he looks so good,
    thanks ralph, killing it.

  11. daniel Says:

    Ralph kills it so all of yall should dhut your dick suckers

  12. hahaha tweakisweak Says:

    nice one brooo , haterz ? hahaha r u kidding me , shame on you for not appreciate. that was the best rail riding of the year for sure . sorry but u cant compete fools haha !

  13. noway Says:

    1. I know a kid in med school that has more snowboard jib style than ralph.Which makes him way cooler for getting a real job , and still being a supurb shredder.

    2. Do you think comparing a different style of boardsport rail riding is fair? If so then anyone on a rail on a wakeskate or skateboard is a better rail rider, they can do it without bingings.

    3. Anyone with that much time on their hands at a 2.0 should be that good.

  14. steveP Says:

    who is ralph?

  15. jordan Says:

    yikes. that’s tight and very VERY good

  16. Runman Says:

    Sick work Ralph! haters can eat a bag of dicks! I’m sure your bro Oli is proud of u man! I had a rad time working and riding with you at the Projects during the wakelab build! mad respsect man! cant wait to see you guys again at the Pj’s….. Sick variations Ralph!

  17. shredvolution4Lyfe Says:

    Damn, what is that.. a foot high ollie? He’s hauling ass! How does he do it!??!?!?!

    Best, Biggest and Fastest Rail Rider EVAR!

  18. again Says:


  19. RideLikeAPirate Says:

    he would be ridin the best board in the world

  20. Frenchcanadiansshred Says:

    1) His name is Raph, not Ralph… short for raphael.. Like the red Ninja turtle.
    2) He shreds harder than you and has incredible style.
    3)He also kills it behind the boat.
    4) He makes me happy

  21. Ian Smith Says:

    ya raph! lookin good… could use some longer boardies tho! lol

    but hey, what happened to Kaesen??? sure, theres quite a few amazing rail riders, and a lot of em dont get near the credit they deserve. but im really stickin with kaesen as one of, if not they best rail rider in our sport, plus amaing style and smoothness (…is that a word? smoothness? lol)

    well to prove my point, check out this vid from a while back. and imagine how much more work hes doin now that its almost a year later.

  22. drew Says:

    here’s my argument as to why raph is the best rail rider in the world and it may not be that valid but uhhh…. NO ONE ELSE DOES THAT SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! dude wtf that was nuts! back noseslides switch and regular are as easy walking for that freak!!! and switching from tail to nose, switch tail to switch nose, spinning out of everything soo smooth and THE OPPOSITE WAY OF HOW HE GOT ON, perfect handle passes everytime, 450’s out 270’s on. you name it he can do it. he is the best by far man. forget rail riding he’s the best in the universe ever.

  23. jibberdude Says:

    really sick tricks and style. but that rail is about a foot off the water and he is being pulled at like around 18 mph with a nice consistent pull of the 2.0. but still really good presses and change ups. keep it up. i would like to see raph hit some bigger rails with a different pull than a cable..

  24. Eric Says:

    I ride and drive the system 2.0 quite a bit, i think you can adjust the speed of the cable up to 44 kph which is like 27 mph, and the pull isn’t always consistent on the cable, if you drive it in manual you need a good driver that knows how to adjust to people taking the turn-arounds differently, otherwise you get a lot of cable sway which makes it harder than when you are pulled on a boat, jet ski, or winch… but like everything it takes some getting used to, and then it starts to feel all the same.

    Raph, Kaesen, Marc, Perry, Henshaw, and Shredtown all rip and have lots of style and technical moves, but you also have to consider Aaron Rathy, Keith Lidberg, JD Webb and Keith Lyman who are pushing the sport by doing big transfers and quadruple kinked handrails with style (see new Alliance mag). Hard to pick one as the best.

  25. Eric Says:

    Forgot to add that all of the advanced guys at our park ride at about 21 mph

  26. Josh Tranby Says:

    So sick!!! Looked like he was on a snowboard!! Killing it! Would like to see more!

  27. Ohteetee's Winch Says:


  28. Brian Jellig Says:

    Classic. I like how he started out in the comments as “Raph”, then quickly changed to “Ralph” from others who were laying down the law of opinions… then back to “Raph”.

  29. Tweak Says:

    I just like the way that all these people think these are “rails” hahaha.

  30. yo bro Says:

    mad respect… and finally a good song, hell yea

  31. Bradey Price Says:

    You must just kill big macs to be riding that well. you have the best house ever, a mcdonalds! is right beside yo house. why go to the projects (mcdonalds)
    those canadians know how to ride rails i think he might snowboard ha ha.
    “noway” your gay you can’t compare skateboarding to wakeboarding ones got bindings one doesn’t. i compare wakeboarding to snowboarding and raph presses like he’s on a snowboard which isnt proven the best or hardest but in my mind it makes sense I’D GIVE IT TO YA RAPH (also hes probably not the one to put the title on the video) and you can compare skateboarding to wakeskate have you seen how they wakeskate now. ben horan has fs slides like a skater reed does his flip tricks like a skater and nick taylor just looks like hes on cement

  32. Todd Watson Says:

    someone should just take the comments section off of alliance. its a comment not a forum. and stop comparing wakeboarding to anyother sport. its wakeboarding. its not surfing, skateing or snowboarding. its wakeboarding. so yes raph is the best wakeboard box, two trex wide, rail rider whatever the fuck you wanna call it. cuz you cant do any of those tricks so stop hating cuz someone is better than you.

  33. Canuck Says:

    Hell must be frozen over: I never thought I’d see the day that Alliance turns into Wakeworld

  34. Benjamin Leclair Says:

    seriously all the haters should watch it a second time, LOOK AT ALL THE TECHNICAL TRICKS THAT NO ONE ELSE DOES BUT HIM! There is no way that he shouldnt get rail rider of the year

  35. tabarnak Says:

    look at 1:19.. switch 360 in lip switch nosepress!

    stop hatin

  36. criss de tabarnak Says:

    look at 1:19.. switch 360 in lip switch nosepress!

    nobody does that, all the people dissing should try that trick and hurt themselves a couple times before giving up and admitting he is the best in the world

  37. rad man Says:

    lots of guys are hittin rails like that. kaesen be doin that shit in videos last year. nate, marc and shredtown killin it like that too. but someone always has to be the best huh?

  38. Adam Palkie Says:

    That was way sick, but check this kid out. Trick Jibbery 2

  39. Tweak Says:

    “2 trex wide boxes” aren’t rails…

    A “2 trex wide box” is just that, a box, or a manual pad, otherwise known in wakeboarding as a “slider”

    – A rail is thin pole or square section that is usually seen running down a stair set (although it doesn’t have to be down stairs) it does however have to be nutable height in order to be labeled a “rail”.

    p.s. This dude is killin it though! to bad his manager screwed it up for him :).

  40. Dave Says:

    Tweak, seriously who gives a shit…shredding is shredding…

  41. Tweak Says:

    I dunno… but obviously people seem to care about who “the best rail rider” is, I just thought it would be sensible to point out what a “rail” actually is, seems like a few people don’t understand. funny seeing so many wakeboarders are sticklers for trick names :).


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