September 14th, 2012 by Submitted

Raph Derome once again blows our minds with innovative riding and creative thinking. Sit back and get ready to have your mind blown!

Filmed Justin Loiselle – Jonathan Ferguson
Directed Jonathan Ferguson
Produced Liquid Force

73 Responses to ““Raph”- Raph Derome 2012”

  1. Scott Says:

    Next level.

  2. g west Says:

    ive watched this about 15 times in a rowit is soooooooo sick. mad props to everyone that made this edit happen. probably the best edit ive ever seen. coming from a long time fan of the industry and the sport, siiiiiiiiick as fuck. wow is all i can say. im sharing this with everyone i know, no matter if they ride or not. send this to alli sports and get it featured on tod richard’s “Awsome on Alli” show on youtube. it is more than worthy. again i cant explain how sick this edit is. Thank you!!!!!!!

  3. kyle Says:

    mind blasting!!!!!!!

  4. Tommy J Says:

    This is unreal. It reminds me of parks on that first sketchy pointless rail. At that time nothing could compare. This has that same feeling. wall ride to Indy tantrum was unreal.

  5. ClayDizzle Says:

    This is so rad in so many ways!!

  6. drew Says:

    very sick. glad to see no lifejacket/kneebrace shots

  7. jamie Says:

    So basically raph wallrides and bonks bigger and better than any rider we’ve seen yet…unbelievable. I really dig the shredtown dudes, but they might want to start consulting with this guy and not the snowboard gods. Omg! Wtf?

  8. Marc Poirier Says:

    I guess the STILL NOT FAMOUS crew is finally famous!!!! Raph and Jo Ferg (homies) you are killing it. This sport needed that… Originality, creativity and style… This edit blows mind. Thanks for making wakeboarding as legit as any other boardsports! SNF rules !!!

  9. g west Says:

    toe back sevens anyone? shredtown is creative but aint got shit on this

  10. helllyesss Says:

    that was the best wakeboarding ive eve seen. Orgasmic

  11. Chad Says:

    Sick! I have no idea why all pros don’t film full parts every year regardless of if they are in a full length movie. Good work Raph!

    Jamie, I’m pretty sure everything in this edit for rails was taken from snowboarding. Eero Ettalla did a wallride to rodeo (tantrum to blind in wakeboard language) like 3 years ago. So I’m pretty sure they all consult the snowboard gods…

  12. Jimmy Says:

    Web Video of the Year

  13. danO Says:

    super dirty

  14. Alija Bos Says:

    Amazing dudes. Awesome stuff.

  15. Justin Says:

    I laughed, I cried, I felt things I havent felt in a long long time. Thank you Raph creating a new standard and making this sport worth watching.

  16. GeorgeTown Says:

    So much better than Shredtown, they just hop around like retards and do fake tailslides. With that said… I agree with the other guy that said all these rail ideas were stolen from snowboarding, it’s true. Might want to change the description about this video and take away the words innovative and creative. Still really good wakeboarding, nonetheless.

  17. B Says:

    Great, now there is blown mind all over the god damn floor.

    (should have gotten the paper towel BEFORE i sat to watch videos on the internet)

  18. g west Says:


  19. AB Says:

    agreeing with the “Next Level” comment

  20. Benj Trogdon Says:

    Finally someone who rides a wakeboard like a BOARD.. not a waterski

  21. jon Says:


  22. ben Says:

    My girlfriend cant make me feel as good as this video made me feel. If anyone hates on it, I’m cutting off your favorite nipple with a butter knife.

  23. bro Says:

    thank u raph. did he build all those rails too? every trick in here is better than trick of the year reel

  24. hmm Says:

    Raph was snowboarding on water. Thank you. Making wakeboarding look great.

  25. don Says:

    Attention park rats, good bonk and press is only novelty without that boat riding steez…! Raphs got it.

    Got no boat? Be friendly, get an invite. Thats how its done in our sport.

  26. The Spangler Says:

    Killing it, originality and tech that was sick!

  27. don kking Says:

    SHRED TOWN WHOOO? Alliance mise well not even bother to post another video on their site ever because Raph just shut everyone down forever. HOLY LLLLLYYYYYY SHITTTT

  28. Bryan Swarm Says:

    wow……….about time wakeboarding gets interesting again

  29. Anthony Says:

    fuck shredtown.Raph pushed wakeboarding to a hole new level.On each shot,there isin’t only creativity but there’s style,and skills.All I can say is wow.

  30. Tony Vercelli Says:

    What camera was this filmed with?

  31. Snowboard gods Says:

    No need to compare raph and shredtown. Both are pushing the sport in a good direction. It doesn’t matter if it has been done in snowboarding or not, anything that is a first for wakeboarding is good for all of us to see and get inspired by. We should all be glad that raph and shredtown are out there doin work and constantly building creative obstacles. More people need to contribute…! Stop posting on alliance and go help the sport with your new creative ideas!

  32. JP Says:

    Randall who? THIS is wakeboarding.

  33. steveP Says:

    def has that “pointless” vibe to it. well done raph, killer riding!

  34. BenB Says:

    Creeper rail in the beginning was dope

  35. Mayweather Says:

    only pvc rails…Future. #BOSS

  36. jamie Says:

    I’m definitely not saying his stuff wasn’t from snowboarding, but it’s the way he reapplied it and brought it to the water, compared to other people’s interpretations/attempts at bringing that snow styled flavor to wake. His alley oop wall rides were balls to the wall, no screwing around, especially compared to other attempts in wake. But really it’s all a play off of what they said in their transworld thing. I generally think they’re a lot of fun to watch. And raph is known as ‘the’ dude to consult with, bounce ideas off of to see if it’s cool. I either read that recently or in an old Canadian mag–i can’t remember which.

    So in jest, maybe skip the snow gods and go straight to raph. ;)

  37. Ricard Says:

    This video was sick. I think it is dumb that people think Raph and Shredtown can’t both exist in their own ways. I’d even like to see them ride together and see what happens. It’s not like there can only be ONE creative rail rider, just as there isn’t only one boat rider. Both crews are sick.

  38. Chad Says:

    No need to pit Shred town vs Raph. They are both doing great things to make wakeboarding more legit.

    He’s from Canada so hes def stealing from snowboarding but that is a good thing. A lot better than stealing from trick skiiing…

  39. Truth Says:

    Tons of Zeaching going on, but the sketch factor allows a pass and an enjoyable video! Great edit and shots! Keep it up Raph just keep the grabs legit and stay 90•

  40. Chace Says:

    So sick best riding I have ever seen on a wakeboard backflip off the wall ride was insaine

  41. Hulk Hogan Says:

    Shut up. Zero zeaching. Post a video of your legit rail skills bud.

  42. FlipDSK Says:

    Go Zeach on some pole u goof. You probably can’t even do a legit press Truth. In my opinion snowboarding is defiantly cooler, but wake is finally starting to come into its own thanks to raw dawgs like raph and shredtown let’s keep it rolling. Now if we could only go back in time and re-name all those goofy ass tricks we would all be soo cool lol. Haha
    Go CANADA!!!!!!!!

  43. Yup. Says:

    I feel like this is finally where wakeboarding should be! I’m so happy right now.

  44. skater boy? Says:

    Nobody should be comparing one single person to a crew of shredders. Phenomenal riding but everyone should stop trying to find negative out of this! Killin it Raph!

  45. Marc Poirier Says:

    If only Jonathan Ferguson could be as good as a hockey player than he his as a filmmaker, we would have won that cup!!! Go SNF Go…

  46. don kking Says:

    ok for the guy that said Randall who just needs to smack him self, and yes you can put shredtown vs raph because shred town is elementary and raph college

  47. Yup. Says:

    Wakeboarding is not a contest.

  48. G Says:

    Best edit Ive ever seen. Keep it coming Raph.

  49. kyle Says:

    next person who talks shit about randall is getting a punch in the sack!!!!!!!! i cant stop watcing this

  50. Matthew Alsbury Says:


  51. Droops Says:

    I think we should all just say a big thank you for putting together an amazing section, and sharing it with all of us! That must have taken weeks to film and edit…The rails are super creative and ground breaking… This is what inspires all of us as riders! I just think these web videos get the progression out quicker than any other means and set the bar higher to help propel the sport quicker!!! Young riders are viewing this thinking to themselves okay this has been done already…what can I do which raises the level?!

    I only worry about the injury curse…It seems as if whenever someone gets great/groundbreaking at sport the suffer a major setback…See Parks Bonifay, Danny Harf, Nick Davies, Aaron Rathy, Tiger Woods, Travis Pastrana, Shaun White, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, etc…I know Raph has already come back from a major injury so hopefully thats it for him..I wouldn’t want to see Raph or Harley get injured right now…they are making this sport jump leaps and bounds at the moment!

  52. matt Says:

    chain rail- LNP in Romes shred remains

    wall ride inverts- Eero ettala and heikki sorsa Cooking with gas

    dope vid but those ideas werent his

  53. OTT Says:

    I Just wasted more time reading all these comments than the video was long. And it’s sad to see so many blind people post stupid comments.

    Awesome Video, Riding and awesome vision!

    Shredtown vs Raph? WTF? They have both done so much for our sport and made it fun again and legit! Without Shredtown, Raph even all of us wouldn’t have pushed ourselves and the sport so hard so fast so soon. I am amazed how many people now winch, 2.0, cable, rails and boat. It’s fucking awesome!! We all should be so happy that an activity that we all love and have so much passion for can be at such an amazing level!

    Just think about that first time you rode. You remembering it? Remember how bad you SUCKED! But did you care? Fuck no, you loved it and couldn’t wait to do it again! Lets change and spread the love not hate the fun someone else is having!

    Now, I’m going to watch that video again to clear my mind of writing this “pointless” response. Some of you had some great comments and made me laugh. Thanks! Go Ride! And if you hate this watch my videos and tell me how bad I suck!

    P.S. I heart Shredtown & Raph & anyone that rides a board bitches.

    WSR 4 LIFE! Respect!

  54. Tex Says:

    So sick! See Mr. OTT’s comments. Enough said. Raph is the man!

  55. riley Says:

    Alright LF get Justin out of Utah and behind the lens of some high speed cameras and drop another team film and give raph like an hour and then and the rest of the team 10 mins to divide up

  56. Buddha Says:

    More ovaltine please

  57. max cartier Says:

    haha Marc

  58. bandit Says:

    Im getting a headache reading the comments on this video

  59. berne Says:

    YES! Love every bit of it. Way to raise the bar for next 2013 already.

  60. RP Says:

    Where is that system 2.0?

  61. Marc Poirier Says:

    It’s not a 2.0… It’s a TTS and it’s in St-Zotique quebec, Canada

  62. haha Says:


  63. Rodney Rails Says:

    Raph Derome vs. Jon Dickey… two of the best rail riders in the sport. Someone please get these two together and make a video NOW!!!

  64. matt Says:

    who is jon dickey?

  65. Jon Dickey Says:

    hahah, thanks dood I appreciate it :) Hopefully my video gets put on here Matt, but I’m Jon Dickey <3

  66. Steven Says:

    Jon Dickey is the undisputed rail king at McCormick’s cable park. He just made his first video recently which is why people are talking- I’m sure it will be posted here soon so you can see what the hype is about

  67. gilder Says:

    you knew inna 5 minute-er you were gonna get some sick leaf shots…

    how good do you have to be before you can pull off a collared shirt while riding??

  68. jhill Says:

    Jon dickey is good. Maybe one of the best cable rail riders people haven’t heard of… but there are probably 30-50 people that are that good at hitting rails on cable. Nobody else is putting video parts together like Raph just did- boat, 2.0, creativity, big stuff, winching, etc. He’s right at the top of all of it.

  69. Rodney Rails Says:

    just go to google and search “Jon Dickey”…. you will see his video called “WAS HERE”… very unique rail skills… I’m not comparing these two riders… just complimenting their talent… I would like to see them together hitting the same obstacles

  70. Rodney Rails Says:

    I don’t know about 30-50 people hitting rails that technical. As for Raph’s video, I completely agree. I’m just talking about the progression of rail skills and how impressive it is becoming. Plus, even if there were 30-50 cable riders out there hitting rails that good… which is a large estimation, that would still be impressive considering the thousands of riders in the sport…

  71. Marc Poirier Says:

    Hey guys, I’ve just watch that Jon Dickey video. Probably one of the worst style ever!!! If you want to see some tech tricks with style, go watch all the Raph D. videos on this link : Raph’s done tech stuff like that 2 years ago.

  72. cj Says:

    Has anyone ridden this board? I really wanna get it but i cant find any reviews and im skeptical of getting a board with no reviews

  73. BB Says:

    HAHAHA jon dicker r u kidding? did u not just watch that vid of raph ? how can u compaire yourself to that, fuck me dude u have no steez with the straight legs and basic tricks u is doing RAPH IS DOPE get some respect u have got along way to go b4 u r evan close to the RAPH … yewww


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