March 25th, 2013 by Spencer Norris

A few sets and a few clips. Getting footage with Rathy is pretty easy when he gets behind a boat.

34 Responses to “Rathy Extras”

  1. Chris Says:

    Rathy is a BEAST !

  2. Shawn Says:

    Damn! That’s what wakeboarding is supposed to look like!

    Rathy > dowdy/harley/phil

  3. Jake Says:

    Rathy for Alliance ROTY

  4. yup. Says:

    Rathy is headed in a direction that is much more fun to watch! Style First

  5. Name (required) Says:

    So dopeee!

  6. Kyle Says:

    Unless rath is a total jerk, nautique was dumb for dropping him. Kid is on point!

  7. jamie Says:

    Great riding! But what’s the purpose of the sleeve on his leg? Was there an injury or something?

  8. Pete Says:

    Rathy is the man. That osmosis 7 is gonna be sick when he gets it. I wish more riders would make vids like this. Thanks Rathy and spence

  9. wow Says:

    1 New trick from rathy behind boat > 10 new tricks from breddas in tha park


  10. what Says:

    finally some steezy boat riding!!

  11. Jordy Says:


  13. Steve Says:

    Wrap Cab nine and heel grabb back seven = legalized. RATHY iS BAUSS

  14. Ryan Says:

    Awful song! The riding looks even more dope when you watch on mute

  15. Bill Says:

    Love the big @ss gator coming up to the surface at about the 15 sec mark.

  16. randy layhee Says:

    ^wow… good eye

  17. lamp Says:

    or just debris…

  18. John Says:

    Best part? It’s all “extra”. Anxiously awaiting the real thing.

  19. jonny Says:

    song was epic ryan the retard. to dope

  20. tehehe Says:

    the dude is sick

  21. Jessica Fisher Says:

    I love how this vid emphasizes the hard work & hours these riders put in! Not just as simple as pulling it all off every time! Keep at it

  22. SeeBee Says:

    @ John – no kidding. Imagine what is on all the other footage considering this is ‘extras’

    This is so sick that he is riding this good. His riding has really started to grow and i cannot wait to see what’s in store for the next Edit.

    Great Job Byerly, Rathy and all the crew at Alliance for putting this together!

  23. Haze Says:

    I have only been wakeboarding and watching videos and paying attention to it for a few years so I am still a beginner with what to watch for but this is one of the best vids and edits I have seen in a long time. I have watched this video 5 times since being home from work. Sick.

  24. Trickskiing Says:

    Bring back Wake Compound please!

  25. Alex Says:

    Jamie, agreed! whats the one black leg sleeve thing??

    rathy is dirty, imagine if he rode behind a G on a regular basis!

  26. Mike Says:

    That board is RAD!

  27. illtypemoves Says:


  28. SeeBee Says:

    Those sleeves on riders legs are like compression bandages ( kinda like when runners wear leggings/ tights/ compression leggings for running ) – they help to flow oxygen and blood through the body better.

    Lots of guys at cable have been wearing – especially the Japanese riders

  29. chea Says:

    Sick song, sick riding, and another sick edit showing you don’t need to wear a stupid vest to be a wakeboarder… man up everyone

  30. Tyler Says:

    Bring back Wakecompound!

  31. Andrewpastura Says:

    Damn! All hail rathy

  32. Luke Says:

    Anyone else notice on some of those tricks here only had fins on one side of his board?

  33. Jordan Elizondo-Darwin Says:

    Dope! Want to see that wrapped osmos heel7 go down..

  34. The Boss Says:

    Bow down, Rathy is king.


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