I really don’t feel like I need to say to much here other than the fact that scuba diving with the PADI association is an opportunity I will never pass up in my lifetime. The images do most of the talking, but for those who are still a little confused, this is a 20 + foot whale shark. The whale shark species is the largest fish in the ocean, and while these photos are still incredible, this whale shark was only a baby. The dive guides in La Paz have dove with some in the 60-foot range! Alex Gray, Holly Beck and myself were hired as talent (thanks to BODY GLOVE WETSUITS) to dive alongside the whale shark, along with some seals and dolphins (we were too slow to catch up with the dolphins). We also got the chance to surf some famous beach breaks in the Baja California Sur (Pescadero @ Todos Santos and Los Cerritos) and wakeboard in some of the clearest water I have ever seen; So clear it made you want to live your life in the nude. Be on the lookout for some sweet new PADI ads that feature wakeboarding and surfing, and whenever you get the chance, GO DIVE! It offers some life changing experiences and seriously unforgettable moments. My grandma is going to be so amped on these photos.


TRUE STORY: While diving with the whale shark on day 3 we found ourselves surrounded by two army planes…We thought they were practicing swooping low to the water and actually sort of got a kick out of it. When we cruised back to the beach in the boat they followed us the entire way. As we approached the shore we were greeted by 11 Mexican army members armed with machine guns yelling and waiving at us. FREAKED!! Alex was so scared he pooped in the boat. Our boat driver Javier headed to the shore to see what the problem was…It turns out that while we were diving, a suspicious plane had flown overhead. The army suspected that they were dropping drugs and we were retrieving them, and then once we loaded the boat we jetted off super fast. Javier’s response; “Heck yeah I was going fast man, we got two engines.”