Fresh Tip Rail Trip:
Friday was the big set up day so Tyler Killingsworth and I cruised down to the site to see this masterpiece get built.  The upper pool was roughly 50’ wide and 50’ long all build on scaffolding.  A 10’ flat to 40’ down rail was thrown down one side and a 40’ snowboard handrail on the other side.  The Fresh Tip crew knows what’s up when it comes to building a rail jam. Legends in their trade Denz, King 151, Paid 4 and Zen put their rattle can skills to work creating an insane piece for the event.
Saturday was the main day.  Toyota and Scion bring main sponsors of the event had their cars on display.  The rail riding was heavy all day long.  Tyler Killingsworth showed why he is part of the winch mob by slaying the down rail all day long.  Some of the cleanest front boards and 270’s you will ever see.  Wake nation local Ryan Gillian flew in to lay down some smooth front boards.  We were also blessed with some pro snowboard talent on hand to make the cross over.  Micah McGinnity was out keeping it snowboard smooth all night long.  All and all the event was insane.  Want to give thanks to Doug and Colt with Fresh Tip Designs as well as Toyota and Scion for a great event.  Enjoy the photo’s submitted by Ryan Taylor.


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