Dominik Hernler - Action

After an epic day on the water see who’s been crowned King of wake at Red Bull Harbour Reach 2013.

Over 8,000 spectatators turned up to witness the cream of international wakeboard talent storm the Albert Docks for Red Bull Harbour Reach 2013.

Riders went head to head in a series of four heats which saw them tackle the course with some breathtaking manoevres. Crowds were treated to backflips, 540’s, 720’s and a host of epic rail moves as they battled for the top spot.

Victory was finally seized by Aussie Wakeboarder James Windsor who pulled off two near perfect runs in the final to clinch top spot. Hot on his heels was 16 year Old Daniel Grant from Singapore in second place. Third place went to Red Bull’s Dominik Hernler with fellow athlete Adam Errington taking fourth after both took some tumbles whilst attempting some big moves on their last runs.

Top spots:

1. James Windsor  75

2. Daniel Grant        70

3. Dominik Hernler  60

4. Adam Errington   50

Stay tuned for full results and more photos from the day soon.

  1. chad

    backflips huh… didn't know there was a backflip in wakeboarding. And these are the people running the most legit contest in wakeboarding…

  2. FlipDSK

    Hey bro they're euro leave their English alone. Read unleashed their grammar makes me chuckle.

  3. T-dog

    Chad, dont be so narrow minded. This is Redbull, think about most of people that follow the company. Majority are not wakeboarders who have any idea what a moby dick, G-spot, elephant or scarecrow are. Anyone can relate to a backflip

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