January 10th, 2014 by Submitted

Red Bull Ice Breakers in the ‘Los Glaciares National Park’ in Santa Cruz, Argentina went off. Through a collaborative effort of Red Bull, Fox Head Argentina and RAM, they created an experience dreamed by any action sports professional: ‘Discovering new places…and trying them out!’

FOX Wake team athlete Adam Errington accompanied by great athletes like Park Bonifay, Martin Cutun and Tomas Karagozian, all braved the tundra arctic waters in Santa Cruz. The guys tried to survive while throwing down on detached icebergs off the Upsala Glacier at temperatures below 0°C (32°F). Enjoy the adventure!

Video from FoxHeadArgentina

14 Responses to “Red Bull Ice Breakers”

  1. jon Says:

    Whoever wrote that first paragraph needs to try again.

  2. Yes Says:


  3. boomsmack Says:

    cool idea but kinda lame video

  4. jerryspringer Says:

    terrible idea. terrible video. how long is it going to take for redbull to realize that icebergs are not cool…?

  5. a Says:

    how long is it going to take until RB athletes say NO to projects like this…?

  6. Poser Says:

    Waists of time and money way to go red bull

  7. whatever Says:

    its trying to show people that you can ride anything and pushing the athletes to new find new things to ride and in new places to ride them… and if red bull asked me to go to Argentina with a ton of my friends for FREE and make this vid i would… wheres the love of the sport gone??

  8. GP Says:

    You’re not cool jerryspringer. You’re not cool.

    Exploring and getting creative on icebergs and other natural, raw and dangerous features takes imagination and a spirit of adventure which you my sour little spud friend do not have.

    I agree the edit could be better but with practise there’s no doubt that good riders can do legit stuff and have a ball on variable terrain like this. Think of how much harder it is to hit different, unique features like this than it is to session the same kicker again and again. That’s what’s so intriguing about backcountry snowboarding and I for one would be very excitied about getting in amongst this kind of environment.

    Keep pushing red bull. Respect

  9. Haters=jealousy Says:

    Haters going to hate! Got hate in your heart let it out. Talk shit have balls to put your name with your shit or your a bitch that’s it I’m out

  10. kyle Says:

    I can’t imagine how cold that water must have been and how hard it must be to hit an iceberg… I feel like it would stop you dead in it’s tracks. it definitely is a once in a lifetime opportunity just to get to go there let alone wakeboard there

  11. Your mom Says:

    That’s so gay. Already been done

  12. jerryspringer Says:

    no, no, no kids… icebergs are gay and will always be gay. its like snowboarders hitting sand dunes. redbull is continuing to push the sport in the absolute wrong direction. the only thing they have done good for our sport is wake lab and wake open. end of story.

  13. gayyyy Says:

    i agree. if i ever have to see adam errington shiver in a boat because his poor toes got cold then i quit.

  14. ? Says:

    “Haters going to hate! Got hate in your heart let it out. Talk shit have balls to put your name with your shit or your a bitch that’s it I’m out”

    so… unless your real name is “Haters=jealousy” you’re a bitch. nice.


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