Dominik Gührs Action


Munich, 11 June 2013 – Only two weeks to go until the first ever wakeboarding roller is put to the test. The confirmed list of competitors is proof that the top pros are keen on testing this UNIT Parktech innovation. Highlights include not only the list of competitors, but also the judging mode and even the judges themselves. For example, the judging criteria will be rated with a different focus in each round; also, Felix Georgii and wakeboarding legend Parks Bonifay will join the already star-studded judging table.

On 23 June, 4pm, the international kicker elite of wakeboarding is going to start throwing themselves across the XXL kicker and landing combination, which measures 35 meters in length and 4 meters in height. The list of competitors at the official world premiere of “Big Willy” is now confirmed and sure to deliver a big air showdown of massive proportions at the Magellan Terraces in Hamburg. All 16 riders are among the top pros in their discipline and have a lot of surprises in their bags of tricks, making it almost impossible to pick a favorite.

The judging mode is also confirmed; the categories “style”, “execution”, and “progression” will be rated differently in each head-to-head round. In round 1 (16 riders) only flips and spins up to 360° will count and “style” weighing in at 50%. In round 2 (best eight) and the final (best four), “progression” will make up 50% of the overall score. The two other criteria will count 25% each. If there is a very close call, the performances on the UNIT Streetrail, which will be attacked on the way back from the jump, will also be judged.

Head judge Florian Meeh (Germany) and judges David Vervenne (Belgium) and Keith Lidberg (USA) will be joined by wakeboard pro Felix Georgii (Germany) and the icon of the sport, Parks Bonifay (USA), who not only won countless contests, but also invented many tricks himself. For example, he was the first rider ever to land a Double Roll and a 1080° on a boat. These five scene experts surely won’t miss any unclean grabs or sketchy landings, so the competitors will have to show their finest wakeboarding.

Everything is prepared, so fans in Hamburg and active wakeboarders alike can look forward to an unforgettable afternoon that will be talked about in the scene for a long time, even after Red Bull Rising High is over. In case you can’t make it to Hamburg on 23 July, there will be a full webcast online. All the info, the live webcast and the official trailer can be found on

List of competitors:

Aaron Rathy (Canada) 

Adam Errington (USA) 

Benjamin Hoppe (Sweden) 

Brenton Priestley (Australia) 

Daniel Grant (Thailand) 

Dominik Gührs (Germany) 

Dominik Hernler (Austria)

Frederic von Osten (Germany)       

James Windsor (Australia)  

Jeremia Hoppe (Sweden)

Matthias Hoppe (Sweden)

Nico von Lerchenfeld (Germany)

Oli Derome (Canada)

Raph Derome (Canada)

Shane Bonifay (USA)

Szebasztian Szolath (Hungary)