December 28th, 2011 by alliance

All Photos © Brian Nevins / Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull wakeboarding athletes JD Webb, Adam Errington, Brian Grubb and Parks Bonifay met up on December 6 for one very successful wake film project on the Tickfaw River in the the swamps of Louisiana. The project had an eerie, surreal, even nightmarish feel to it, along with some very creative night scenes that were extremely cold but truly amazing. Keep an eye out for the film dropping soon.

Adam and Brian in Airboat

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3 Responses to “Red Bull Swamped Project”

  1. Hunter Musgrove Says:

    what?? i didnt know this happened in my state??

  2. Jim Says:

    yea…im pretty pissed about it too. I live right near the tickfaw and have a loaded new x-star.
    I guess they missed out because all I see is a freakin air boat

  3. GH Says:

    inspired by swamp people no doubt.


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