Matty Hasler - Action

Matty Hasler  Photo: Erwin Polanc

After an intensive cleanup of the sludge, which was flushed to the event area by the flood, the trading port in Linz is now ready for Red Bull Wake of Steel. On July 15th the audience in the Steel City will go crazy when the 16 international top riders show their tricks on a half-sunken cargo ship. An additional event highlight takes a seat in the jury: Parks Bonifay, the wakeboard legend from America, will rate the tricks of the world’s best riders.

In the next few days the last parts will be set up for Red Bull Wake of Steel in the Harbour in Linz, while the half-sunken cargo ship is already waiting for the riders. The 65m long, water-filled vessel was slightly adapted from last year and a extended by a Shape-Roofpipe, a Steel-Slider and a longer Down-Slider. The 16 invited riders are already in great anticipation for the exclusive event and are looking forward to the challenge of the unique obstacles.

The starting field of this years Red Bull Wake of Steel makes every wakeboard heart beats faster. The 16 best obstacle specialists, including the 15-year-old prodigy and last year’s winner Daniel Grant (GBR), Rider of the Year Raph Derome from Canada or local hero Dominik Hernler (AUT) from Carinthia will show a great show. Due to an injury Frederic von Osten (GER) unfortunately had to cancel the contest. But the free place got filled prominently. The starting jersey goes to Kaesen Suyderhoud from USA who is looking forward to June 15th: “The set up is very unique and really stands out compared to the other park events. Really stoked to be apart of Red Bull Wake of Steel this year.” In addition to the amazing starting list, also the jury bank is occupied prominently. Besides the Austrians Sebastian Baldia and Michael Murg and Florian Meeh from Germany, the wakeboard legend from Florida, Parks Bonifay, will judge the performance of the 16 riders. The idol of many wakeboarders has influenced the sport with constantly new tricks and therefore is just the right person to evaluate the performance of the riders at Red Bull Wake of Steel as the head judge.
This year’s event brings another great new feature: The Red Bull Mobile Screen enables the crowd for the first time to follow the scoring of the judges for each rider. Plus everybody can vote in each heat for one favorite. The rider who has received the most votes of the audience at the end of the day will be nominated as the “Crowd Favorite”. In addition there will be a Red Bull Mobile Package raffle among those who guessed correctly most often.

The Red Bull Wake of Steel will be the highlight of the Bubble Days, in its third edition this year. The harbour festival, from 14 to 15 June, is planned as a showcase for the culture and creativity of Linz and the lifestyle of the Danube.  Alongside a range of workshops and shows, artists and bands will be there to please the crowds. Particular highlights will be a colossal piece of graffiti and the world champion of sand sculpting converting tons of sand into a work of art. Saturday will be dominated by the Red Bull Wake of Steel, the event starting with qualifying at 3pm and the day finishing after the final with live concerts from the likes of Banana Klan feat. Roots Manuva.

Dominik Hernler - Action

Dominik Hernler  Photo by: Philipp Schuster


Friday 15 June 2012; from 12:00

Red Bull Wake of Steel training

Building graffiti, ROA (Belgium)

Sand sculptures – ‘Floating Giants’ (Martin de Zoete & friends)

Boxxoffice exhibition opening, Mamut (Linz), Stoehead (Berlin)

Jetski trips, Jetski demos

Live painting, live installations: Hannes Steininger (Linz), Hannes Langeder (Linz)

Live concerts: Kings Crown Sound, DJ DSL, Niawana, and many more.


Saturday 16 June 2012; from 15:00

Red Bull Wake of Steel Qualifying

Red Bull Wake of Steel Final

Live concert, Banana Klan feat. Roots Manuva and others


Starting list

1. Daniel Grant (THAI)

2. Dominik Hernler (AUT)

3. Kaesen Suyderhoud (USA)

4. Dominik Gührs (GER)

5. Nico von Lerchenfeld (GER)

6. Raph Derome (CAN)

7. Adam Errington (USA)

8. James Windsor (AUS)

9. Daniel Fetz (AUT)

10. Emilio Epstein (AUT)

11. Nikita Martyanov (RUS)

12. Szebastian Szolath (HUN)

13. Mark Rossiter (GBR)

14. Brenton Priestley (AUS)

15. Mitch Langfield (AUS)

16. Matty Hasler (AUS)

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