It was a Canadian sweep at the boat event for Red Bull Wake Open… 1st: Raph Derome; 2nd: Aaron Rathy; 3rd: Rusty Malinoski    Photo: Bill McCaffray

Mother Nature must have felt a bit guilty for all of the rain and wind yesterday and decided to compensate by making the morning of the 4th of July a good one in Tampa. The conditions were perfect for Bob, Aaron, Rusty, Raph, JD and Jimmy to put down incredibly solid rides in celebration of America’s independence day. Too bad that no one from the good ol’ U.S. of A ended up on the podium though. Once again Raphael Derome separated himself from the pack with a very smooth and stylish run and landed on the top of the stairs, followed by fellow Canadians, Aaron Rathy and Rusty Maloniski. Nothing like a few Canadians to crash a Fourth of July party, right? Congrats to all the guys for making the final and killing it.

Be sure to tune into the full event on Saturday at 4PM ET and 1 PM PT to see the final runs behind the Malibu as well as the big air and park event.

Rusty Milanoski - Action

Rusty Malinoski on his way to 3rd place in the boat portion of Red Bull Wake Open   Photo: Chris Garrison / Red Bull Content Pool