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Check out the highlights from Day 2 at the Red Bull Wake Open Big Air Event.

Check out the highlights from Day 2 at the Red Bull Wake Open Big Air Event.

12 Responses to “Red Bull Wake Open Day 2 – Big Air Video”

  1. John Says:

    I can remember staying up until 3am to watch wakeboarding on ESPN2 when I was a kid in the mid-90s. Love seeing this on network tv on a Saturday afternoon. Awesome to see how far this sport has come. Props to all the people that helped make it happen.

  2. Eric Says:

    All the finalists did well, but Daniel Grant’s TS BS 3 rewind FS 7 was the craziest thing I’ve seen, can’t believe they gave him 4th

  3. tex Says:

    SOOOO pumped that wakeboarding is getting some love on national TV. Unfortunately, the judges screwed the pooch by not letting Daniel Grant win it. I’ll find you 30-40 guys that can stick mute double half cab roll…can’t say the same about Daniel’s move. And a 1080 is great, but doesn’t touch the creativity and style of what Daniel did. Judges…you blew it, and you should all be fired.

  4. Léo Labadens Says:

    I agree tex , fuckin sucks for daniel

  5. what? Says:

    Tottaly agree Daniel got screwed.

  6. David Says:

    Daniel Grant’s tricks were insane! Way more tech i thought…. It seemed like Raph was gonna win no matter what. #Rigged

  7. fred Says:

    Dan got robed…

  8. what? Says:

    you have to call it into question when a redbull athlete wins under some conterversy against a monster athlete in an event held by Redbull…

  9. Jeff Chiu Says:

    It’s clear as day, Dan got robbed!

  10. Mark Griffin Says:

    TSBS 3 plus rewind 7, thats a total 1080 spin if you add them up, plus it was grabbed. Verus generic double flip that weve all seen a bunch of times already. Yea that was a crappy decision

  11. I Want!! Says:

    I want a set of those Byerly Neon Yellow System bindings (.49)… Oh yeah and Grant was robbed!!

  12. guy tanaka Says:

    well i mean it was a red bull event and dans a monster rider plus it was an “big air contest” but i still believe that dan should have won…


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