Red Bull WAKE THE LINE 2009

The sequel of the urban Wakeboard Contest with international top riders

May 1st, Müngersdorfer Stadionbad Cologne

The success of last year’s Red Bull Wake The Line got a lot of attention in the wake scene. That's why the urban wakeboard and wakeskate contest will go into round two on May 1st at the same location in Cologne! Four separate pools connected by kickers and rails and towed by the unique Sesitec System 2.0 make a total of 320meters of wake heaven. New obstacles and $10.000 prize money will attract international top riders like Shawn Watson (USA), Collin Harrington (USA), Leo Labadens (FRA) and the 3-time world champion Berhard Hinterberger from Oberaudort (GER). Two wildcard spots will be given away at the Warm-Up session in Langenfeld to complete the roster of 24 riders.

The premier of the Red Bull Wake The Line in 2008 was so successful, that the wake scene was psyched to hear the announcement from former pro rider Hardy Tunnissen that there would be a second one in 2009. The starting line-up will be filled with big names of the wake world and will rock the Stadionbad in Cologne on the first of May. Wakeboard action in it's highest form can be expected with last years Top 3: Peter Pascal Schmidt, Bernhard Hinterberger and Nico von Lerchenfeld, along with many international participants that will be fighting for the title and the $10.000 prize money.

Confirmed riders include the two US Liquid Force Pros, Shawn Watson and Collin Harrington. Both are used to riding behind the boat but when it comes to obstacles they are absolute masters too. No doubt these guys will heat up the cool blue waters of the pools in Cologne. Other confirmed guests include Austria’s Daniel "Fetzy" Fetz and Belgium’s David Vervenne. For the Wakeskate division, two of Europe’s most technical riders, Leo Labadens (FRA) and Andy Kolb (GER) will be present. The voice of the competition will be last year’s MC and none other than the Australian wakeboard legend, Clint Liddy.

Awesome riders need an awesome setup so the company UNIT Parktech sat down with a few riders and thought about how to build the sickest wake playground, connecting the 4 pools together! Thanks to the portable wakeboard cable system Sesitec 2.0 it's possible to ride the pools in both directions creating at 320 meter long competition setup. This is plenty of space to crank out some crazy tricks and smooth runs.

With room for 9000 people, spectators will be able to watch each complete run up close and personal and with the right music and entertainment, there’s nothing that can ruin the atmosphere that’s bound to take place at this year’s event. There will be free entry and the doors open at 2pm. The qualifications will start at 2:30pm. Highlights will be the "Nike 6.0 Best Trick Contest" and the finals in the early evening. The Red Bull Wake the Line AfterShowParty will kick off at 10pm at the Sensor Club.


2 Wildcards for Red Bull Wake The Line at the Warm-Up Session in Langenfeld

To allow the riders to show off their best skills, the event will start 3 days before at the Warm-Up Session April 28-29th at the world’s biggest wakeboard centre in Langenfeld. Here, the riders can prepare for the competition and get into the party mood.  All wakeboarders and wakeskaters will have a chance to mess with the big boys. In addition to the 22 confirmed riders, there will be 2 Wildcards (1 board, 1 skate) that will be competing at the Red Bull Wake the Line 2009. Registration for the session is possible until April 27th at