After talking with some wake friends it seems a lot of folks are gearing up for the pro tour stop in Reno, NV. Lots of the big boys will be in town, obviously wakeboarding, but they’re all probably a little more excited about the extra curricular activities the great state of Nevada has to offer.

I’m a little bummed I won’t get to hang out this weekend with everybody, but then again, last time I was at the Reno PWT stop I managed to walk into a full length mirror in a dimly lit bar at The Nugget. Ahh, good times. So if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, head out to Reno. Cool people, cool place, hot weather, hot fun. I hear Southwest has great deals.

A lot of the West Coast kids will be heading out to Reno. One of whom is Aaron Aubrey, who I just got off the phone with. He’s been keeping busy running around Nor-Cal and riding with all the boys, including Josh Smith, Derek Cook, Brady Sammons, and Chris Dykmans. Plus, Kyle Murphy and Nick Ennen have been hanging around the Delta to ride with the local guys, too.

There’s thunder and lightning right now in Orlando, which means the conditions for riding and taking pictures aren’t very good. Not that it matters much for me anyway. I was out at the Projects yesterday taking pictures and managed to step in a fire ant mound (it’s hard not to at the Projects). My foot got lit up by the littler f’ers while I ran from the shore to the lake to dunk it in the water. I happen to be a little more allergic to the bites than most people, so my foot swells up and turns pink and all the bumps from the bites itch like crazy. Basically I’ve spent the day on the couch icing my foot every couple of hours and popping Benadryl to fight the allergicy reaction. Ahh, good times.