Hyperlite to release Rewritten: A Hyperlite Team Film

Nearly three years in the making, Hyperlite is excited to announce the premier of its new team film Rewritten. Shot through the eyes of former Hyperlite team rider Keith Kipp and produced by Alliance MultiMedia and Josh McWilliams, Rewritten offers you the inside perspective of being part of one of the most elite teams in the industry.  Never before has there been a feature that tells the real story of the team, its individual members, and how they all ride together for one brand. From the company that started it all and with the biggest names in the sport, get ready to enjoy a wakeboard film that has rewritten the standard.

Rewritten will be available at your local wakeboarding pro shop in early June.

Rusty Malinoski , Shaun Murray, JD Webb, Jimmy LaRiche, Erik Ruck, Mike Schwenne, Brandon Thomas, Chris O’Shea, Brian Grubb

Also Including:
Josh Palma, Kyle Alberts, Jacob Valdez

“I can’t imagine anybody not liking it, just from the footage I’ve already seen and a couple of the teasers they’ve put together, it’s insane. Now that we’ve logged months of footage it’s definitely going to be one of the best videos.” Hyperlite Team Rider, Rusty Malinoski

“Most videos you’ll shoot for five days and you’ll have a section. This has been the most work on a video project I’ve been a part of and I just think the quality is showing through.” Hyperlite Team Rider, Shawn Murray

"I've been involved with some of Wakeboarding's most groundbreaking films and from what I've seen so far this will be a visual treat like no other and should become the next film that all others are compared to." Hyperlite Marketing Manager, Greg Nelson

“The quality of the cinematography will blow you away and the approach and concept of this “team film” is totally unique.  Rewritten is a must see for any true wakeboarder.” Editor-in-Chief – Alliance Wakeboard Magazine, Bill McCaffray

Check out the trailer here.