Not a crotch rocket. I actually just burnt some rice. I put one of those boil-in-a-bag things of rice in a pot for lunch and then went back into my office to work while it boiled. In the meantime, Gregg Necrason called to tell me he had (only) broken his leg. Seems that Gregg was at an indoor boat show jam and hit one of the hay bails feet first. His ass hit his board and his knees went above his head and he thought he had blown out both ACL’s. But after MRI’s and X-rays it turns out that he just fractured his tibia and will be out for only about six weeks. He was actually really happy to have a broken leg. Then we got to talking about some other things and … man, what is that … burning smell? It’s the bottom of my good pot, rice, and plastic. Now my whole house is filled with smoke and I’m out one nice boiling pot. Unless any of you have some big secret for removing burned plastic from metal. The things I do in the name of waking.