October 25th, 2011 by alliance
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Ricky G and Tyler Killingsworth shredding  in Canyon Lake and at Desert Wake Cable Park…

Video by: Tyler Killingsworth

Ricky G and Tyler Killingsworth shredding  in Canyon Lake and at Desert Wake Cable Park…
Video by: Tyler Killingsworth

27 Responses to “Ricky Gonzalez & Tyler Killingsworth GoPro Edit”

  1. wow Says:

    this is a pretty cool amateur hour video, but I think i’ve seen more talented riding in those…

  2. gopro Says:

    use rain-x

  3. hmmm Says:

    Dont know whats worst WSR or this video…..

  4. Youtube Says:

    Wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t filmed with a GoAM

  5. hahah Says:

    Hahaha Gopro<Goam. I would rather watch Amateur hour as well.

  6. what Says:

    you guys are hilarious.. i wonder what they would say if you went to canyon lake and said that to those 2… hmmmmm

  7. Griffen Ponce Says:

    wakeboardings’ not about hatin on

  8. dumb Says:

    “Dont know whats worst WSR or this video…”

    What’s WORSE is when you try to slam someone yet look like an idiot doing so. \/\/ $ R <3

  9. john Says:


  10. response Says:

    ” i wonder what they would say if you went to canyon lake and said that to those 2″–nothing

  11. Will Says:

    i dunno why you guys hate on them, clearly you have no knowledge of the history of this sport and how hard ricky g and the rest of the W$R progressed our sport and keep pushing it to this day. show some respect! our sport is too young and too small to have negative comments like that.

  12. dumb Says:

    You right about that Will, brush up on your wakeboarding history kids. Recognize who the true G’s of the sport are. You young punks have no idea what it’s like to work hard and accomplish. RESPECT your roots.

  13. wow Says:

    if by work hard and accomplish you mean be born into a rich family that allows you to goof off on the boat all day, then you’re right, we have no idea what it is like. Let’s face it, if you are a wakeboarder, others have worked hard before you to allow you to be good at this sport

  14. DOPE!! Says:


  15. Jeffrey Mile Says:

    If anyone hear thinks they can do a bigger and better tantrum 2 blind off the double up compared to Ricky G then feel free to talk shit, but since i know you can’t then shut up and just love wakeboarding from all coasts!

  16. Westup Says:

    Ahaaaahaaa I think those people at the top need to borrow Outkasts or Natural Born Thrillaz! #WSR

  17. Brennan Thompson Says:

    Yeah you guys up at the top don’t know what your talking about. These guys are Legends in our sport!

  18. Steez Says:

    Ricky G, an T.K. Kill it all day long!! Wicked west!!

  19. Jacob Says:

    Great vid; Tyler’s style is sick! Switch Pete and tailgrab, poked, BS 180 from Ricky were dirty!

  20. WSR Says:

    Ricky Gonzalez’s ungrabbed crow mobe, sketchy toe 5 and heel 3 were way sicker

  21. Jacque Says:

    I love it from all coasts but Ricky G used the original Tupac/Phil Collins remix in an old ass Gator Vid..the riding isn’t bad it just isn’t badass. I don’t get why they take themselves so seriously. The GoPro footy could use some rain-x, but overall with the quality of riding and the quality of the edit I don’t know if I’d be proud stamping my WSRoots on this vid. We got it, the first time you threw up a “W,” you’re a gangsta..not hatin, just sayin

  22. Brandon Evans Says:

    you just called ricky g not badass? nah your definitely just hatin..none of these guys have to make any more videos if you really dont wanna watch em. So if u guys keep hatin=no ones gonna wanna make any more videos. Then how “badass” is wakeboarding then?

  23. wow Says:

    there is nothing badass about thinking your super fuckin hood while sitting on a 80k boat acting like your riding matters in the world of professional wakeboarding when every random cable rat you’ve never heard of has every one of these tricks plus a million more…or face tattoos.

  24. Keith Garrett Says:

    Gotta love haters!! Amateur video thank you for posting that because I thought that was a George Lucas production..What do you think your going to get from a GoPro?? You lame!!! You dont have to like their style or the video. However, if your gonna run your neck atleast put your real name so we all know who you are and what you have accomplished in this sport… Your sponsored by what boat company, energy drink, clothing line, wakeboard company ect…lastly if these as you put it “random cable rats” could really do these tricks plus a million more they would be doing them behind a fully sponsored 80k boat…. You are nothing but a lame clown that is about nothing so you hide behind a computer and hate on what other people have and do!!! Actually one more area that show’s your stupidity…. Ricky G wasn’t born into a rich family he started wakeboarding behind a $500 jet boat!! You should know your facts before you make a weak attempt to slam someone’s character!!!!

  25. Matt Wisot Says:

    I dont wakeboard , but Ive been surfing and snowboarding since the 80’s. One thing ive learned over the years, especially with surfing, is that its all about the enjoyment and the enthusiasm for sliding sidewayz. It doesnt matter if your super good or not, the best rider in the water, is the one who’s having the most fun. Chill out, and enjoy the slide. Nuff Said.!!

  26. Matt Wisot Says:

    By the way, I think the video is sick.!!! Wanna Hate? Go ahead, Hate..!!

  27. Tommy J Says:

    Well said Matty ^


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