February 5th, 2010 by alliance

Check out what the dudes at Rixen just sent us. Pretty cool.

Rixen now offer the original two tower cable system in a portable format. The NEW Bro in the Box is best way to ride without disturbing the environment you set it up in. No external anchors! Hydraulics lift the tower and once the cable is raised, you are ready to ride! All of the same great features and commercial construction of the Little Bro complete in its own shipping container. For More information go to CableWakeParks.com

Bro in the Box Video:

Little Bro Video:

9 Responses to “Rixen BRO in a Box”

  1. Confused Says:

    color me confused…..

  2. Confused Says:

    what the hell does it cost to ship?

  3. Cable Wakeboard Says:

    If you are confused just follow the link


    shows you what the little bro and bro in the box can do!

  4. Ian Smith Says:

    looks to me like the sesitec might have some competition! how much for one of these little guys?

  5. ripoff Says:

    original two tower system? laughable…

  6. Cable Wake Parks Says:

    McCormicks Rixen two tower system was the first in the U.S. and Rixen has had two tower systems for over twenty years in Europe. Not a joke, the original cable system and the original two tower system, look into it! Rixen is Legit, the first system ever operating to the public is a Rixen system in Spain installed in the 1960’s, still running today in saltwater!

  7. Iñaki Anitua Gil Says:

    It’s True! in BENIDORM!! hugs from spain!

  8. Riley Says:

    I have the perfect rail pond for one of these! Time to start saving money!

  9. Shady Says:

    Anyone know, how much does it cost?


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