Just returned home from a week long trip with two of the best and most unique wakeboarders I the world…Randall Harris and Ben Greenwood. We were in eastern Washington filming with Sean Kilgus for his new video “Drive,” and the conditions were awesome. Smooth water, the biggest wake I had probably ever ridden, and a whole lot of sunshine. Filming with Sean Kilgus is really quite an honor considering that he also films with world class champions like Rusty Malinoski, Danny Harf, Andrew Adkison, and Shawn Watson. It was actually my first trip with Ben and Randall, so the pressure was on bigtime…Especially since I was the last rider of the first session. Imagine trying to follow up a set by Randall and Ben…about as difficult as sucking a golf ball through a garden hose (I’ve only heard this is hard, never tried myself).



 We ended up spending three full days riding and got a ton of footage for the film. Ben was tweakin’ and Pokin’ as usual, and Randall was getting more air than Ben and I combined. We all had a blast and vibed well together…even cracked a few jokes on the Vandall, it turns out he’s not nearly as scary as you may think. Look for the full story on our trip in an upcoming issue of alliance, and of course the video “Drive” early next year. Thanks to Sean and Crew for all the help! Peace out.