The past year has been a busy one for Ronix. So busy, in fact, that the team hasn't even been able to go on a trip somewhere and ride together. But this past weekend the Ronix riders (and company co-owners), Parks Bonifay, Danny Harf, Chad Sharpe, Emily Copeland-Durham, and Adam Errington all loaded up and rolled out of Orlando for a little getaway of riding and hanging out. A few of us Alliance folk tagged along to document the trip.

A lot of wakeboard team trips are to really exotic locations and cost unbelievable amounts of money. But the fact remains that Florida will always be one of the best places to wakeboard on Earth. So Ronix kept it simple and headed out just a couple hours from their homes in Orlando for their first team trip together. The team was greeted with blue skies, warm weather and unbelievably glassy conditions (thanks, Mother Nature!). This location will be kept secret until further notice (so keep your eyes peeled for a video on this website and an article in a future issue of Alliance Wakeboard — but no guarantees we will actually reveal it there, either).

With great conditions and a group of riders like the ones on the Ronix team, you're guaranteed a really good trip. While there might have been a few obstacles (aren't there always with wakeboard trips?), the gods were seemingly always on our side for this little excursion, so on our side, in fact, that even some dolphins came to play with us. So needless to say, the photos and video footage from the trip are epic and all of the riders were stoked to have such a successful first trip together. Maybe the next Ronix team trip will be a little more exotic and a little further than a two-hour drive, but it's going to have a tough time living up to this first one.