What was the thing I went to at the Projects this weekend? I’m not entirely sure, but it was fun. Officially it was called the Ronix Amassault. The rumor was that a bunch of really good local ams would be there for a kind of Ronix Star Search for B-team riders. Pretty cool concept. But I think what actually happened was that a bunch of dudes just showed up to ride for free.

Paul O’Brein of Ronix said that he was happy with the turn out, which basically meant that he had to spend all day in the boat watching rider after rider try to flaunt their stuff. He did mention that he saw a few good guys for their developmental team, but no one is bumping Parks and Danny off the platform yet.

One thing that did happen though was that I called Matt Manzari “Mike” again. The strange thing is that I have known Matt for longer than anyone else in wakeboarding, even before he moved here. And I called him Matt for like two years, but all of the sudden I have started calling him Mike out of nowhere. Jeff McKee told me that he probably hates me, because when Jeff was a young up and comer he got all excited that Parks Bonifay knew who he was, until Parks called him “Billy.”

So sorry Matt, but I think I may just call you Mike from now on as kind of a nickname. Oh, another important development was that somebody had brought a boa constrictor and there were a bunch of groupies passing the snake around to each other. There’s something about a girl with a boa constrictor that just says, well, let’s call it “freespirited.”