The Vamp Spin Pro hanging speakers partner Phoenix Gold power with Roswell innovation. For the first time ever you decide where the sound goes. The Vamp Spin Pro allows you to rotate the attached 5.25" component speaker through 11 different positions. Direct the sound through a full 180 degrees of rotation- Straight back at the rider for killer riding sound, down into the boat for enhanced factory performance while cruising or at the end of the day, nose up to the beach and get the off water activity started, pumping sound straight out the front all without using a tool or messing with clamps. New for 2007 all Roswell hanging speakers come standard with 3 LED color options (Red/White/Blue).
Dual mortar style housings
6.5” partnered with 5.25” Phoenix Gold RSd speakers
11 locking positions
Dual custom LED lenses with 3 color options standard
           Ice Blue, Fire Red, Crystal White
Chrome plated finish
Dual RCA connections
Available master wiring harness