It’s common in the surf industry for top brands to have a location based home of operations for their team, of which is typically planted on a world-class surf break. In most cases the north shore of Hawaii’s Oahu holds the majority. With a significant portion of the surf industry embracing wakeboarding and wakeskating, proven formulas for brand success are crossing over, hence the newly formed Rusty house in Canyon Lake CA.

Last week the Rusty crew kicked off the season with a day of riding and a night of raging (hard) as they put final touches on their soon to be available PFD line. Leading the charge as teammates, Stu Shinn and Sean O'Brien might be yin and yang as it relates to wakeboarding and wakeskating’s contrast but their unique styles compliment each another being in a league of their own. Holding everything down in-house is Steve Riley who was very much apart of San Diego’s legit wakeboard scene back in the late 90’s and continues to keep that vision moving forward.

Thank you to the entire Rusty crew for inviting us to the new C-Lake joint, pouring beer on our faces and being amazing hosts. Look for a future press release and detailed product info from the Rusty crew in the coming months….and more adventures of Punchy….