Contrary to popular belief, Utah is not watered down. In fact, Utah goes off. The mix of the good people at Marine Products, local wakeboard rippers and the fans they brought with them made sure the stage was set for this past weekend’s Liquid Force Slide Show in Salt Lake City. For this stop the team consisted of Silas Thurman, Keith Lyman, Aaron Reed, Shane Bonifay and Gregg Necrason.
In standard Slide Show fashion I arrived to see a dirty, sunburned Gregg covered in sawdust and going bananas with a circular saw. Gregg has built every Slide Show setup this season. One day he’ll get to build one in a level parking lot, but will most likely die of a heart attack from the pure joy of seeing something so grand and obvious.
It’s a good thing hay works well for stopping wakeboarders from smashing themselves on asphalt because after going to the San Diego and KC Slide Shows, I can tell you that the locals competing do not let up on giving it their best. At the end of the day in SLC it was down to local guys Colby Shelton and Sessions snow team manager Jason Kimball battling it out for the right to throw down in TX. Kimball took it and has a torn up ankle to go with his win.
Throughout the day the LF team repeatedly killed it on the rails just like they always do. Don Wallace had the crowd amped with his MC skills and he even had some help from guest hosts Guy Styles and Random Guy. Fortunately no traffic citations were issued.