Malibu Boats introduces Auto Wedge, a new Power Wedge feature that has been proven to save fuel as well as increase performance when pulling and retrieving riders.
(Merced, CA) – The Malibu Boats Patented Power Wedge now features Auto Wedge which boosts performance and conserves fuel while pulling up or retrieving riders. Auto Wedge is another new innovative feature from Malibu Boats that will change your overall boating experience for the better by giving you more control and saving you money.
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Auto Wedge, as it is appropriately named, automatically adjusts the Power Wedge to the neutral down position until the boat reaches the rider’s set-speed. This process allows the boat to get up to speed without the displacement of water the Power Wedge creates. This decreases the time it takes the boat to get on plane by 34%, reduces bow rise and improves fuel consumption by 30%. These results were recorded when Auto Wedge was independently tested by Medallion Instrumentation Systems and Indmar Marine Engines using the Advanced Wakeboard Preset.
The benefits of Auto Wedge cannot be accomplished with any competing wake enhancement system. Ballast systems or boats that are made heavy to create a big wake cannot adjust their weight fast enough, or in some cases at all, to achieve Auto Wedge-like results. These one-dimensional wake enhancement systems are typical of other boat manufacturers in the water sports industry.
At Malibu Boats they build boats to satisfy a variety of customer needs without compromise. The Power Wedge with Auto Wedge enabled decreases time-to-plane, bow rise and fuel consumption without affecting the boats ability to make a big wake or offer customizable shape.
Once the boat reaches the set-speed the Power Wedge automatically moves up to its set position. This Power Wedge setting can be established by engaging the Power Wedge directly or through a Rider Preset. In order for Auto Wedge to function Precision Pro Speed Control must be on, the Patented Power Wedge engaged and Auto Wedge must be set to active.
Auto Wedge also pushes the Power Wedge to the neutral position when the boat speed slows below set-speed. This happens when you are circling back around to pick-up a fallen rider. So your boat control is not compromised by unneeded boat displacement. In this case it is like 1200 pounds was removed from your boat in seconds without you having to react.
Auto Wedge is available on Malibu boat models with the Patented Power Wedge installed, excluding the Ride Series, Response and Response LX.
About Malibu Boats: Build the best boat possible, give boat owners the best value and enjoy the workplace. Since Malibu Boats' inception in 1982, founder and CEO, Robert Alkema's mission has been this simple. On the journey from building 100 custom ski boats a year in a small shop, to their standing as the world's number one selling wakeboard and water ski boats, Malibu has become an exemplary American boat company.
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