March 14th, 2014 by Submitted

Sawe Oualiti spent 4 weeks in the Philippines at the CWC Cable Park capturing all the footage he could. Here’s a look at a few of those clips. Enjoy!

Video from 

7 Responses to “Sawe Oualiti’s Summer in the Winter”

  1. rayfink Says:

    good qualiti shred right there

  2. Nice! Says:

    Clean Riding! enjoyed watching this

  3. vk Says:


  4. boom! Says:

    Jibbitty Jibber !!!!!!

  5. yah man Says:

    excellent shred. and nice edit.
    i particularly like the natural audio
    would have broken up the edit better with a few kicker hits
    is there no kicker at cwc?

  6. RealTalk Says:

    Fucking rad!

  7. bro Says:

    Clean! haha Especially compared to that edit up top ;)


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