November 8th, 2012 by Submitted

Recently Scott Stewart wanted to get back to Cali for some Autumn riding on the Delta. As you know, Fall can be the best time, the waterways are clear, the wind is down and the water is still warm. Yeah right, not on this trip! Thankfully it wasn’t a complete bust, Trever and Scott were able to get some shots, enjoy.

Wakeboarding: Scott Stewart

Video Production: Trever Maur

6 Responses to “Scott Stewart heads to the Delta”

  1. TFL Says:

    Scott goes big!! Great riding. Trever…great work as usual!

  2. BARRETT Says:

    scott stewart is the reason why chuck norris doesnt wakeboard.

  3. WBJ Says:

    bruce lee of wake art

  4. Adam Fields Says:

    Yeaaa Scott!! Nice video Trever!

  5. Tom Says:

    Good grabs, insane technicality, massive height, late spins, pure style… I want to see more from this guy! Great song too!

  6. Sascha Says:

    Wear a vest.


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