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There are a select few riders out there that charge it the way Scott Stewart does. Watch as he puts Slingshot boards to the test far beyond the 2nd wake. Welcome to the team!

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48 Responses to “Scott Stewart Joins Slingshot”

  1. Greg Says:

    Scott Stewart going big and smooth like always. I will be the first one to buy your slingshot pro model wakeboard!

  2. Wesley Jenks Says:

    What’s that board? When and where can I buy it?

  3. Lethal Says:

    Intense riding!!! Love this kid!!! Congrats on the move to Slingshot! Stoked to see what he has in store for the year!!

  4. robert tsopelas Says:

    Scott stewart is definitely flowing! What a style

  5. BABIONE Says:

    Congrats to slingshot for pickin up Scott Stewart… Best style and goes huge! Not to mention Beeing a good person and hard worker! Deff gunna snag his pro model board one day!

  6. Joe Calo Says:

    Killin it!!!!! Talk about going big! More videos of this guy.
    way to go SS

  7. miles long Says:

    moves like jagger.

  8. Ned Says:

    Awesome footage of SS. Must get this board.

  9. Chris Says:

    Sick style need more vids from Scott !!!!! Cool to see him go huge on the wake like he always does

  10. Ralph Says:

    Definitely gonna check out that board. Scott is the man goes so big love watching him shred

  11. Rick Says:

    Sick style need more vids asap def wanna check that board out

  12. Nicole Sapienza Says:


  13. Steve C Says:

    Congrats man! This guy kills it!!!

  14. Drew Herndon Says:

    Awesome video!! Absolutely killing it Scott!! Congrats on the signing!!

  15. Chris Says:

    I didn’t know brad Pitt could wakeboard like that…holy schitt balls!!

  16. Jarrett H Says:

    Wow! Scott has skills! Great riding!!!

  17. John Says:

    that’s talent! He makes it look so easy

  18. Jenni Elia Says:

    Amazing! So cool!

  19. cathy dewar Says:

    WOW, I’m IMPRESSED! Such talent you have Scott! I’ll have to share this with Beck Selman!! Come on down to Jupiter Beach & show them how to Wake Board!!

  20. Nataphreak Says:

    Such talent! Much amaze!

  21. caro Says:

    This is great! Makes me miss the water.

  22. mimi Says:

    WOW, this was dope!

  23. Nichole Says:

    Congrats! That’s amazing!

  24. Oliver Says:

    Awesome video! Dude’s a badass.
    I wish I had half that wake boardin’ talent

  25. Keefer Says:

    Awesome moves, way to kill it SS!! Great video !

  26. Rae Rae Says:

    Siiiick! Really smooth transitions and beautiful scenery. Can’t wait to see more form you Scott! Hopefully when the pro wake tour comes thru Georgia.

  27. BAM Says:

    Now that’s some riding!!

  29. Richard Says:

    Awesome! Amazing Tallent!

  30. Wally Says:

    So sick! Great vid and awesome air! Keep it up!!

  32. Bill Dance Says:

    Some those knee-busting falls made me look away.

  33. Peel Says:


  34. Jenn Hendrickson Says:

    Sick! Watch out for this dude – he absolutely kills it! Congrats on joining the Slingshot team, Scott! Stoked to see what you’re gonna do.

  35. killa Says:

    you’re crushing it Scott! congrats to you and the new slingshot fam!

  36. Andrew Masi Says:

    Congrats amigo great company to fit a great riders style!! The new age Keith Lyman with so much style and class.

  37. JanelleS Says:

    Serious skills! Can’t wait to see more videos of Scott!!!

  38. Eric Senter Says:

    Mad skills kid! Much respect and keep killing it.

  39. Nalena Moreno-Spencer Says:

    Baaaadaaaassss!¡!¡ Looking forward to more videos :-) it takes serious skill and commitment to pull a lot of this off bro!! You killed it!¡!¡!¡! Congrats !!!!

  40. Jill G Says:

    Scott’s talent never ceases to amaze me. It’s so awesome seeing someone do something they truly love & be so great at it. Keep it up Scott & I hope to see more videos soon.

  41. Haters=jealousy Says:

    Wow finally no hate incredible! Oh and the riding too of course!

  42. Caitlin Lydon Says:

    Wow!!!! Awesome job Scott!!!!!!

  43. Nalena Culver Says:

    Scott you are AWESOME!! Jim and I loved it!! looking forward to more!!
    Hope to see you this summer.

  44. Steve Gould Says:

    hes on the recoil…boosting

  45. Jim Meyer Says:

    Kid’s gotz skillz!!!!!

  46. Stephanie Rodriguez Says:

    Pretty sweet skills there! Incredible!

  47. Ross Gardner Says:

    Wakeboarding needs to be heading in this direction

  48. Tiff Says:

    Amazing. Skills. Period.


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