The long awaited Wakeboard and Wakeskate DVD "SeasonS" is finally out.  This video is a film that captures the progression of wakeboarders and wakeskaters through the course of nature's cycle.  Filmed on the east coast from Maryland through Florida the film explores what it means to be a Full~Time rider.  Featured Riders: Jeff "The Raven" Phillips, Max Carr, Kyle Green, Trey Metzger, Ross Salveson, Wade Bramlitt, Collin Harrington, Mikey Marsh, Barrett Perlman, Alex Fisher, Joe Records, Brian Reeder, Eric Robertson, and many more.  Featured music by Shoreline, Chaser, Passafire, Does it Matter, The Grilled Lincolns, Solillaquistsof Sound, The Frauds, Whaleface, and many more.  Brought to you by Pirate Wake & Skate, Rad Films Production, Oak Wakeskates, UGP, and Distortion Boarding.  Link to DVD trailer:  Copies will be available at the premier party Nov.22nd, online at , or by calling Pirate Wake & Skate at (904)264-WAKE. ENJOY!!!!!